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Sasaki and Miyano Season 2 Release Date: Sasaki and Miyano Season 1 Recap!

Sasaki and Miyano is a manga-inspired love story animation. Today’s topic: Sasaki and Miyano Season 2. It’s extended? Everyone appreciated season one’s plot and ‘calming yet chugging interest about the two main stars’ nature. Fans are dying for season two. See whether their prayers helped.

Miyano, a lonely teen, is startled when Shuumei Sasaki protects a pupil from bullies. After their unexpected meeting, the second begins cracking jokes with the first.

Sasaki unintentionally discovers Miyano’s love for male love in the manga. His fascination surprises him, so he borrows some books to learn what makes them special.

Their rising interest in male love comics changes their friendships. Their passionate and painful conversations drew a global audience.

Sasaki And Miyano Season 1 Recap

Miyano, a freshman in an all-boys high school, witnesses an assault. Sasaki, a second-year student, intervenes to stop the fight.

Miyano visits Hirano’s classroom a few days later. Hirano is a disciplinarian. Miyano thanks Hirano for breaking up the brawl he started with Sasaki.

Sasaki’s bullies stopped beating him in retaliation. Sasaki invites Miyano out on a date while she bandages him. Two boys start commuting to school together and become buddies. Miyano recommends yaoi comic to Sasaki. He lends Sasaki his favorite comic, which they debate at school.

Sasaki likes Miyano.

Miyano feels ashamed when Sasaki asks to discuss yaoi comics in class. Sasaki battles Miyano in private. Miyano strongly denies dating Tashiro when he observes their close friendship. Kuresawa supports their manga arrangement despite Sasaki’s reputation as a troublemaker.

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Miyano worries that Sasaki is bullied for his hobby. Sasaki suggests he and Miyano buy Valentine’s Day chocolates on their walk home from school, but she refuses. Sasaki gives him chocolates.

Miyano doubts Sasaki’s platonic emotions for him. A senior mock Sasaki’s love of yaoi comics, but Sasaki seems unfazed. Miyano’s confectionery on White Day agitates Sasaki, who flees.

Miyano walks into Ogasawara, the student who questioned Sasaki about yaoi because his girlfriend liked it.
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Later that day, Sasaki and Miyano return via train. Sasaki tells Miyano, who is nodding asleep, “I like you.”

This awakens Miyano. Miyano wonders if he has feelings for Sasaki as the new school year begins. Unintentionally brushing into Miyano in the corridor agitates Sasaki.

Miyano says he can’t like Sasaki because he had a junior high crush.

Miyano overhears Ogasawara’s quarrel with Emi and offers advice. Sasaki immediately grabs Miyano from behind before realizing Ogasawara is speaking to him alone. Miyano wonders if he’s gay and if Sasaki is, too.

Summer sports festival at the high school. Sasaki tells Miyano he loves her when they’re alone, but he doesn’t have to answer immediately. When Miyano asks what he likes about Sasaki, he panics and says, “Your face.”

Miyano passes out when alone because of his conflicting feelings for Sasaki. Hirano asks Sasaki to care for Miyano after he passes out at a committee meeting. When Miyano wakes up, Sasaki surprises him. After Miyano leaves, Sasaki tells Hirano about his confession.

Using Hirano’s phone, he calls Miyano and tells him he’s more than his appearance. Miyano is happy that Sasaki loves him for more than his appearance, as Hirano and Sasaki have a deeper chat. Sasaki and Miyano remain friends after his admission.

Given their unstable connection as the midterms approach, Miyano considers how to celebrate Sasaki’s birthday.

He delivers the boy Tashiro’s lollipops when the time comes. A year has passed since they met while walking to school. On exam day, Sasaki and Miyano utilize an umbrella. Sasaki believes he was never attracted to guys before meeting Miyano. Miyano has never considered guys and is unclear about his feelings. He suggests Sasaki’s feelings may change with age.

Sasaki insists he loves Miyano and is glad she’s considering his announcement. They decide to maintain being friends till Miyano answers. High schoolers are preparing for a cultural festival.

He reluctantly agrees to represent Miyano’s class in the cross-dressing event on the condition that Kuresawa will stand in for him and his costume won’t be overly feminine.

While shopping with Sasaki, Miyano stumbles with his middle school crush Makimota. Sasaki takes him away because he’s envious.

Miyano informs him he no longer likes his ex-crush. Sasaki apologizes and says he didn’t want to be rude. Sasaki fears at work that Miyano likes someone else. Kuresawa tells him he’s approaching the hospital to visit his girlfriend.

He thanks Sasaki for defending him months before and admits he started the fight. Later that day, Sasaki and Miyano rode to school together. Sasaki teases and flirts with Miyano at school about his crush.

Chairman Hanzawa helps Miyano choose a traditional attire for the next competition. When Miyano asks Hanzawa what it means to love someone, he says continuously thinking of them is the biggest sign.

Miyano, wearing his costume, is afraid to withdraw after everyone else’s hard work. Sasaki almost kisses him but holds him instead. Miyano realizes he loves Sasaki. Miyano can’t describe his yearning for Sasaki. Kuresawa senses his concerns and invites him to a bookstore.


Later, Miyano tells Sasaki he’s continuing the drag competition, and they attend a cultural festival together. Sasaki gets cold in class and seeks the nurse’s office, but she’s not there. He meets Miyano outside, who’s seeking treatment for a home ec burn.

Sasaki is fascinated by Miyano’s devotion to him. Sasaki asks Miyano why he’ll walk him home. Sasaki is dissatisfied when Miyano says duty motivates him.

Miyano and Kuresawa visit Sasaki and Hirano’s class on the day of the cultural festival to help with a cosplay café for juvenile offenders. Miyano meets Hanzawa at the café where he’s reading fortunes.

Hanzawa tells him to go on despite uncertainty so he can be sure of his goals. Miyano wins as runner-up in Sasaki’s absence. Two kids watch the festival’s last fireworks from school.

Miyano asks for more time to respond to Sasaki since he’s ashamed of his passion and doesn’t want to upset him. Sasaki nods but is agitated and frustrated. Later, Miyano encounters Sasaki, his sister, and Ogasawara at the mall. Miyano regretfully tells Ogasawara he admires Sasaki. Sasaki shifts the subject before Ogasawara can continue.


Sasaki and Miyano overhear two female moviegoers’ jokes assuming they’re dating. Miyano admits he likes Sasaki. In the movie theater, Hanzawa detects Sasaki and Miyano’s attraction.

Miyano wants to tell Sasaki how he feels but lacks courage. He delays his reveal after hearing that couples that meet before Christmas often break up soon after. Miyano meets Hanzawa and his brother over break.

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Hanzawa remembers when his two older boys came out to their mother. Miyano concludes her vacation without telling Sasaki how she feels. Finally, he can plan to stroll home with him.


Miyano always switches arms to carry his schoolbag when he sees Sasaki to prevent it from hitting him as they walk. Miyano accidently pushes Sasaki away when he tries to kiss him after the gesture.
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Sasaki escapes in disgrace.

Miyano can’t catch Sasaki. Hanzawa and Hirano help him outside the school. Hanzawa tells Miyano how his siblings handled criticism and disputes with their partners, but he insists he and Sasaki would make a fine match.

Sasaki chastises himself for breaching his limits with Miyano before she visits him. Hirano pretends to have forgotten some possessions and leaves a voicemail for Sasaki to meet Miyano.

Sasaki and Miyano meet at the railway station and talk at a park. Sasaki apologizes for his unwanted advances, and Miyano tells him he feels the same way. They kiss. Miyano begs Sasaki to be his boyfriend after exchanging phone numbers. Sasaki and Miyano announce their engagement post-credits.


Sasaki and Miyano start dating when the school disciplinary committee head is replaced. Hanzawa looks for a cow-shaped keychain a student says his girlfriend stole.

Kuresawa and his friends ask Sasaki if he’s dating Miyano. Kuresawa vows to remain by them no matter what, despite Sasaki’s denial that they’re together. Kuresawa claims Sasaki is helping him with his homework when Miyano enters the room because he doesn’t believe Sasaki has confessed and doesn’t want to disgrace Miyano.

Sasaki has trouble lying to Miyano and tells him the truth. A cat is carrying the student council room key. The cow keychain is then found.

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Sasaki And Miyano Season 2: Renewed?

The anime was released on November 20, 2020, after a year of development. The anime industry was devastated when the worldwide coronavirus first arrived.

The show’s creation despite hurdles means the next episode will air sooner. If the sitcom’s production schedule is regular, season 2 will premiere in 2023.


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