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How To Set Up Your Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch? A Comprehensive Guide!

In this tutorial, we’ll go over Samsung Galaxy watch configuration. All versions of the original Samsung Galaxy smartwatch are covered by the instructions. How to download apps and locate your watch is covered in more detail.

Set up a Samsung Galaxy Watch

The first thing to do after removing your watch from the packaging is to charge it with the wireless charging dock that came with it. The watch charges when the LED indicator is red; when it turns green, it is fully charged. A screen lock for your watch is an option that you can set up.

Tap Settings > Security > Lock > Type after turning the watch bezel to the left or right. Next, choose whether you want to use a pattern, PIN, or no screen lock at all. You can play games, track your workouts, receive notifications, and more after setting up your Galaxy Watch.

How to Pair a Galaxy Watch with A Smartphone

Samsung Smartwatch

Install the Galaxy Wearable app, which works with devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop or later, to connect your smartwatch to an Android phone. Users of iPhones must download the Galaxy Wear app for iOS 9.0 and later.

  • Open the app on your phone, then select the watch you want to wear.
  • To give the required permissions, tap Allow.
  • The screen shows a request for Bluetooth pairing. If your watch is found, choose it. The watch shows you a brief tutorial after you’ve successfully synced your devices so you can become comfortable with its functionality.

How to Install Applications on a Samsung Galaxy Watch

By turning the watch bezel to the left or right, go to Galaxy Apps or the Play Store to download Galaxy Watch apps. The following applications are already preinstalled on your device:

Samsung Smartwatch

  • Control smart home appliances from your watch with SmartThings.
  • Track your exercises and other health-related information with Samsung Health.
  • Utilize the Samsung virtual assistant, Bixby.

Additionally, you may download a variety of watch faces from Galaxy Apps. To choose a watch face that is already loaded or to download a new one, touch and hold the watch face. To modify the watch face to your desire, tap Customize.

How to Use a Samsung Galaxy Watch

To read notifications, choose an app, or navigate screens, rotate the bezel left or right. To display the Quick Panel, view notifications, or move between screens, swipe the screen. Swipe or turn the bezel to accept or decline a call.

Samsung Smartwatch

To send the caller to voicemail or send a pre-written text message in response, swipe up and tap Decline message. When you receive a text message, quickly respond by swiping up or turning the watch bezel. After that, tap Edit Answers to add a personalized message.

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How to Find Your Galaxy Watch

Go to Galaxy Wearable > Settings > Find My Watch > Start on your smartphone. By selecting Find My Phone > Start, you can also find your smartphone from your watch.

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