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Robert Kraft Net Worth: How Rich is New England Patriots Owner?

A well-known businessman who has not only made a lot of money for himself but also become well-known and famous over the years. Robert Kraft’s career has been as big as his net worth. He is a very rich businessman who became chairman and chief executive officer of The Kraft Group. This business group holds assets in everything, from paper to real estate.

He is the main owner of The Kraft Group, the New England Patriots, the New England Revolution, and the Gillette Stadium. People have thought for a long time that a big part of Robert Kraft’s wealth comes from the grocery company Kraft Foods.
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Robert Kraft’s business empire has helped him build up huge net worth. So, this article will tell us everything we need to know about his life.

Brief Information About Robert Kraft

Name Robert Kraft
D.O.B. June 5, 1941
Profession Businessperson, Entrepreneur
Relationship Status Married
Net Worth $7 Billion

Robert Kraft’s Net Worth

Robert Kraft is a businessman from Massachusetts who is worth $7 billion dollars. Robert Kraft is the richest man in the world because he is the chairman and CEO of The Kraft Group, which has investments in paper and real estate. Since he owns the New England Patriots, the New England Revolution, and Gillette Stadium, he has gained widespread notoriety.

Robert Kraft Net Worth

Most people believe that Robert Kraft got rich through his ownership of Kraft Foods, a company that specializes in the production of food and beverage products. In no way is this accurate.

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Grey Poupon, A1, Gevalia, Planters, Jell-O, Kraft Singles, Velveeta, Kool-Aid, Cadburys, Oscar Mayer, and Maxwell House are all brands owned by Kraft Foods, however, Robert Kraft has no affiliation with the company.

Robert Kraft Career

Robert Kraft’s current wealth is substantial, yet he first became interested in money by collecting paper bills. The businessman got his start in the industry at his future father-in-law Jacob Hiatt’s packaging company, the Randy-Whitney Group. 

Robert Kraft led a leveraged buyout to gain control of the company in 1968. He has maintained his position as chairman of Rand-Whitney Group till the present day. After that, in 1972, he founded International Forest Products, a company that deals in the trading of physical paper commodities.

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They were the largest privately held enterprises in the United States in their field at the time. Robert Kraft’s enormous wealth stems in part from his several business ventures. He had WNAC-TV taken over in 1982 after investing in New England Television Corp. 

After joining the board of directors the following year, he was promoted to president four years later. The next year, in 1992, he bought multiple radio stations in the Boston area after selling his shares for $25 million in 1991. The Kraft Group paper division was established in due time, and its current annual revenue exceeds $2 billion, with exports to 90 countries.

Robert Kraft’s Personal Life

Myra Nathalie Hiatt, a 1964 Brandeis University alumna and the daughter of the late Worcester, Massachusetts industrialist and philanthropist Jacob Hiatt, was wed to Kraft in June 1963. On July 20, 2011, she passed away from ovarian cancer at the age of 68. The Kraft family belonged to Newton, Massachusetts’ Temple Emanuel. 

Robert Kraft Net Worth

Throughout the 2011 season, a patch with Kraft’s initials (MHK) was sewn onto the Patriots’ jersey. Jonathan A. Kraft, Daniel A. Kraft, Joshua M. Kraft, and David H. Kraft were the couple’s four sons.

Kraft started dating the actress Ricki Noel Lander in June 2012. In July 2012, Kraft worked with Lander to make a video audition for a part in The Internship. Later in 2018, Kraft and Lander split.

Robert Kraft’s Real Estate

For $3.8 million, Kraft and his wife Myra sold their Cape Cod property to Jonathan in 2010. The house was 7,500 square feet overall.

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The house was built in 2006, and in addition to its six bathrooms, it contains seven bedrooms.


a well-known businessman who has made a lot of money for himself over the years as well as gaining notoriety and fame. Both Robert Kraft’s career and his wealth have been enormous. He is a successful businessman who was appointed chairman and CEO of The Kraft Group. This business organization owns assets in both paper and real estate.

The Kraft Group, the New England Patriots, the New England Revolution, and Gillette Stadium are all principally owned by him. Long-held beliefs hold that Robert Kraft’s wealth is largely attributable to his ownership of the grocery chain Kraft Foods. Robert Kraft, however, is unrelated to Kraft Foods. Must look into Emma Watson’s finances

Robert Kraft has a substantial net worth thanks to his business empire. So, whatever we require to know about his life will be covered in this post.


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