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Rebel Wilson’s New Relationship: Rebel Wilson Says She’s Now Dating!

“Pitch Perfect” star Rebel Wilson’s new romantic relationship has been pulled from the Sydney Morning Herald’s website after a response from the public. The writer has apologized for making “mistakes” in his reporting.

On Saturday, Andrew Hornery, the Herald’s gossip journalist, claimed that two days prior to the article’s publication, he had emailed Wilson’s reps to inquire about her relationship with designer Ramona Agra.

The Narrative by Making Her Announcement on Her Instagram.

 Rebel Wilson's new relationship: Rebel Wilson says she's now dating

A “huge blunder” and “underwhelming,” according to Hornery, was Wilson’s choice to “gazump” the narrative by making her announcement on her Instagram profile on Friday. In British-Australian slang, “gazump” means “to con” or “to outbid.”

People on social media accused the newspaper of trying to “out” Wilson when they read the column. Bevan Shields, the editor of the Herald, wrote a letter to readers on Sunday defending the column.

According to Bevan, “To argue that the Herald ‘outed’ Wilson is incorrect.” In its place, the journal published an article by Hornery with the title “I made mistakes over Rebel Wilson and will learn from them,” which was published on Monday.

Wilson’s Management.

 Rebel Wilson's new relationship: Rebel Wilson says she's now dating

NBC News’ email to Wilson’s management seeking comment on the newspaper’s decision went unanswered. As Wilson noted in a Sunday tweet in response to a journalist: “Thanks for your remarks, it was a very hard circumstance but trying to manage it with grace.”

In addition to being a brand ambassador for Bee Goddess jewelry, Agruma is the founder of Lemon Ve Limon, a Los Angeles-based clothing company, according to her Instagram bio.

There have been many messages of support for Wilson since the news of her death came to light, including from her Pitch Perfect castmates, who wrote: “I love you both like crazy.” Jodie Comer, star of “Killing Eve,” also congratulated her in the comments section, writing: “So much love!”

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Wilson’s Second Relationship After Dating.

 Rebel Wilson's new relationship: Rebel Wilson says she's now dating

This is Wilson’s second relationship after dating Anheuser-Busch heir Jacob Busch for a short time. Wilson said as much last month in an interview for the cover of People magazine. A series of phone conversations over the course of several weeks preceded our encounter.

That was an excellent approach to getting to know each other, she said. When it comes to romance, “It was a touch old-fashioned in that way.” It’s unclear who her romantic relationship is, however she did admit that her expectations of a mate had shifted since discovering her own value.

It’s not that all of her ex-boyfriends were bad, but “there were definitely times that I was probably putting up with that I shouldn’t have,” she said. “Being in a genuinely good relationship feels different, therefore that’s what it is.”


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