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Tik Tok Videos Made by A New Jersey Motel Owner Have Gone Viral

A New Jersey motel owner is making a name for himself online thanks to his Lincoln Tunnel Motel-themed TikTok account.

As a child, Bryan Arya often stayed with his family at one of the cheap motels they owned in North Jersey.

He left New Jersey for California when he was a young man, hoping to make it big in the comedy industry. He never expected to return to a cubicle behind glass and a monitor showing surveillance footage.

Positively New Jersey: Motel owner goes viral with TikTok videos

He tried his luck in Los Angeles but ultimately ended up working the night shift at the $80/night Lincoln Tunnel Motel on Tonnelle Avenue in North Bergen.

Individuals on the outside of society have made the hotel their home, whether for a few hours or a few years.
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Arya reflects, “I’ve seen life and death, and people in need of things, and I’ve collected all these experiences, all these stories.”

On TikTok, Arya was able to share his own original stories with a big audience and put his storytelling skills to use. Almost 1 million people follow the account LT Motels, which is run by a married father of four and son of immigrants.

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“Sharing my experience in this fantastic industry. It’s fantastic, like a rock solid thing that’s helped my family…
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and I get to stand in for them in a lot of ways “Moreover, he says.

Those who live in the house have chosen Arya to be their representative. Free-loaders take up about 6% of the hotel’s 41 rooms.

“They merely require a place to stay. All they require is a location, “It is Arya who says so. Shadowy figures seen solely from moving vehicles are transformed into full human beings with fascinating stories and personalities in LT Motels’s movies.

Positively New Jersey: Motel owner goes viral with TikTok videos

Arya adds, “I’ve been able to listen to them, and now with the video and the content I’ve been able to relay these tales and that it’s incredibly essential to care for these individuals.”

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The only person qualified to tell this tale is the motel’s front desk clerk in New Jersey, and the setting is the American Dream and its seedier side.


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