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HomenewsThe US's Friendliest Town is in New Jersey.

The US’s Friendliest Town is in New Jersey.

That’s why it came as quite a surprise to learn that a village in New Jersey had been recognized as one of the friendliest little towns in America in 2018.

To celebrate their readers’ favorite locations and service providers, TravelAwaits and Medjet have created 2022 Best Of Travel Awards.

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Early in March of this year, nominations were submitted, and the voting period for the finalists concluded in the summer.

Small communities throughout the Midwest, such as Abilene, Kansas, Brownsville, Tennessee, and Telluride, Colorado, were found to be among the friendliest in the entire country, as seen by their placement in 12 of the top spots.

In contrast, Cape May, New Jersey, ranks eighth.

Cape May is one of the most well-known east coast resort towns, and with good reason: it has some of the region’s most stunning beaches.

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One of the oldest resort towns in the United States, Cape May, New Jersey, is characterized by bright Victorian-era houses, quaint bed and breakfasts, mom-and-pop owned shops, and a lighthouse, making it an ideal summer destination that stands out from the rest of the waterfront communities in New Jersey.

Do you agree that Cape May deserves its reputation as one of the friendliest cities in America?

Is there another Jersey town that you think deserves this honor more than these others?

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Leave a comment below and let us know.


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