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Police: 2 Years After Being Rescued from A “inhumane” Puppy Mill in New Jersey, a Tennessee Family Was Reunited with Their Dog.

A family from Tennessee spent a memorable New Year’s Eve travelling for 11 hours to New Jersey before being reunited with their dog, Daisy.

According to the Ocean County Health Department, Daisy, a bloodhound, was overjoyed to see her family after two years.

The dog was one among more than 180 animals discovered at a New Jersey residence last month after Brick Township Police were notified that the home’s inhabitants were operating a puppy mill. The unclean conditions caused the responding cops to request a hazmat team.

puppy found missing 1,600 miles from California house
According to authorities, the house was “filled of animal faeces and the animals were living in horrific and inhumane conditions.” At least two of the animals that were taken out were dead; both were dogs.

OCHD and the Brick Police Department were able to locate Daisy’s family in Tennessee because to the Price family’s efforts to keep Daisy’s microchip on and current.

The Price family was reportedly astonished when Daisy was discovered all the way in New Jersey, according to OCHD. It is unknown when or how Daisy lost contact with her family, or how she got to New Jersey.

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According to OCHD, Daisy is not the first dog found in the New Jersey puppy mill to be reunited with her family. In the middle of December, a collie named Rocky and his owners were reunited after more than seven months apart.

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