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PewDiePie Is No Longer The Most Subscribed Youtuber!

As of this writing, PewDiePie is no longer the YouTuber with the most subscribers. Having started his channel as a Call of Duty commentator, PewDiePie has since dominated YouTube for the better part of a decade with his let’s play videos, most of which focus on horror games.

Soon, he would branch out into other forms of media, including vlogs, reaction videos, and more. Although he has expanded into other forms of media, he first became widely known for his gaming content, which he has used to his advantage and to attract a new fan base.

But he does a lot of things on his own and has achieved great success without a large staff. He formerly had the most YouTube subscribers, but now he doesn’t even come close. YouTuber MrBeast beat the previous record holder, who had over 111 million subscribers.

In recent years, MrBeast has been increasingly popular thanks to his ability to simply throw lavish parties and giveaways funded by his vast fortune. He essentially made Squid Games a reality, except with people competing in ridiculous contests for cash and prizes.

PewDiePie Is No More the YouTube Channel With more Subscribers!As if that weren’t enough to boost his fame, MrBeast also owns a popular eatery. Though his channel isn’t the most subscribed to, he has more subscribers than anyone else on YouTube. There are three companies or organizations above MrBeast on this list,

but despite the fact that they have studios, tons of employees, and so on, MrBeast is recognized as the most subscribed “YouTuber” because people can put a face with the name. The MrBeast brand is not a corporation but rather a one-man show led by MrBeast himself.

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MrBeast is currently ahead of PewDiePie by a sizable margin and is likely to keep this trend going. Inappropriate content and racial slurs were spoken live, and other issues have made the latter a point of contention in recent years. On the other hand, MrBeast has maintained a safe work environment throughout his career and will likely continue to do so going forward.


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