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Officials in New Jersey Allege that A Man Held a Lady Captive for Months in A ‘very Troubling’ Case.

Friday, New Jersey officials reported that a woman escaped from a guy who reportedly held her captive for a year.

In February of 2022, James W. Parrillo Jr., 57, met the woman at a gas station in New Mexico, according to NJ Attorney General Matthew Platkin. Before he allegedly assaulted her in California, he had been in a consenting relationship with the woman for approximately one month.

The woman subsequently “felt unable to exit the connection,” according to officials. Supposedly, Parrillo stole her phone and debit cards. The woman was supposedly cut off from her family by him. The couple arrived in New Jersey in December of 2022.

Authorities say Parrillo and the lady rented a room in Bass River Township for almost two weeks. After an incident there on February 7, Parrillo allegedly beat and choked the woman before stopping when he discovered others were present.

According to police, the woman fled her home in shorts and a shirt while the temperature was 42 degrees. She arrived at a gas station and immediately locked a door. The woman informed the attendant that she had been abducted.

Authorities say a video shows Parrillo following the woman and attempting to enter the door. As he learned the door was locked, he left. The gas station attendant phoned the police, who subsequently arrested Parrillo as he went down County Road 542.

Officers charged him with first-degree kidnapping, second-degree strangulation and aggravated assault, third-degree criminal restraint, third-degree delaying apprehension, and fourth-degree obstruction. He was also accused with refusing to produce a DNA sample.

Platkin stated, “This is a truly disturbing case in which the defendant allegedly detained a woman against her will for over a year, travelling with her across the country until they arrived in New Jersey, where she was able to escape.” “We are reaching out to law enforcement agencies across jurisdictions to seek anybody who may have new information about the suspect.” Our investigation is ongoing, and we are determined to doing everything in our power to ensure this survivor receives justice.”

The government has requested that anyone with information about Parrillo come forward. They added he’s known to go by several identities, including Brett Parker. The New Jersey State Police have requested that anyone with information contact them at 855-363-6548.

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