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HomenewsNypd Confirms Suspect's Identity as Next-door Neighbour in Fatal Shooting of Mother

Nypd Confirms Suspect’s Identity as Next-door Neighbour in Fatal Shooting of Mother

After a mother in Harlem was shot in front of her children while she intervened in a disagreement, police were able to identify the suspect.

Avery Dunning, 35, allegedly shot and killed 41-year-old Jemina Garay in the head around 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday in the corridor of the Lincoln Homes on East 135th Street in Manhattan, which is owned and operated by NYCHA.

Authorities have stated that they are looking into the likelihood that Garay was shot while attempting to break up a fight.

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Police say at least some of her kids saw what happened when she was shot. According to the neighbor, Garay must have at least six children.

She was hit multiple times, including in the head, stomach, and thigh, and was rushed to Harlem Hospital, where she is currently in critical condition.

On Thursday night, police released a photo of Dunning and a surveillance image of him walking down the building’s steps. Police said he ran away towards Harlem River Drive while wearing a red jacket with black markings on it.

Apparently, both Dunning and Garay are residents of the same building where the incident took place.

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After a brief phone chat with The Post on Wednesday, the victim’s husband positively identified her.

He cried out, “Nobody’s thinking about the fact that my children are going to see this.” “And they’ll have to go through this all again and again.”

His wife, he continued, was “the f-king best,” and her name was “J-E-M-I-N-A G-A-R-A.” That’s all the information I can provide you. The woman was the absolute finest.

“She’s a lovely person who minds her own business,” said Garay’s 52-year-old tenant Nicole Williams.

Williams declared his undying affection for her to The Post on Wednesday. She has to have had at least six kids by now. She is modest to a fault. No one ever has to deal with her.

All the tenants in the complex bring their pets to her. They are in good shape thanks to her grooming. She’s a one-woman show.

Vanessa Gomez, a different neighbor, put it like way: “You don’t wake up in the morning thinking this is going to happen.

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My mom was just entering the building when the shooting began; she called me crying to tell me what had happened.

A 40-year-old resident of the building, Gomez, said, “We’re used to gunshots, but we’re not anticipating it in our building with somebody we know.” People weren’t bothered by [Garay]. That’s why everyone seems so stunned. Here at Chez B, we’re all “How?”

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