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NJ Gaming Enforcement Restricts Betting On James Krause After He Was Fired as Coach For UFC Vegas 65!

James Krause, a former UFC fighter who is now a coach, is at the center of yet another controversy. The Missouri native competed for the UFC from 2013 to 2022. Jorge Masvidal and Bobby Green were among the opponents for the former welterweight contender.

As of earlier this year, he had not competed in a mixed martial arts match since his 2020 victory over Claudio Silva. Krause is not only an accomplished fighter, but his influence extends far beyond the sport of mixed martial arts.

He has spent the last decade making Glory MMA one of the best facilities for mixed martial arts. Among the fighters he has trained for UFC championships are Brandon Moreno and Megan Anderson.

NJ Gaming Enforcement Restricts Betting On James Krause

Despite his obvious coaching prowess, he’s currently taking heat for his betting habits rather than his teaching. James Krause is a well-known gambler who has his own podcast where he shares his betting predictions with the world.

The former UFC Vegas 65 welterweight has a famous discord server where fans may ask for picks. James Krause has been a notorious gambler for quite some time, but he has only recently come under scrutiny.

Darrick Minner, who competed in MMA for Glory, was knocked out in the first round by Shayilan Nuerdanbieke earlier this month. A knee injury sustained by the Krause-trained fighter forced the referee to call an end to the battle.

At least, that was the first impression I had. Minner was a small underdog in the hours leading up to the fight. There was an abrupt and dramatic shift in the line’s orientation, favoring Nuerdanbieke.

The vast majority of wagers were placed on his winning the bout in the opening round. In addition, Minner stated the knee damage was already there. The fight is currently being investigated by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. It would appear that Krause was also suspended alongside Minner.

Another Glory MMA competitor, Miles Johns, said the news that his coach had been suspended the day before UFC Vegas 65. Megan Anderson, who was previously mentioned, has also attacked Krause, claiming that he is a bad coach and that he had an affair with Laura Sanko.

NJ Gaming Enforcement Restricts Betting On James Krause

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It appears as though the hits will continue indefinitely. It was first reported by ESPN’s David Purdum that the New Jersey Gaming Enforcement has instructed sportsbooks to prohibit wagering on Krause. As a result, he would be ineligible for wagers in any capacity, including as a trainer, promoter, coach, or combatant.


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