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Nina Senicar and Jay Ellis Exchange Vows in A Tuscany Garden Wedding!

Nina Senicar and Jay Ellis have become husband and wife. An herb garden wedding ceremony in Tuscany, Italy, was the setting for the actor’s “Insecure” and “Top Gun:

Maverick” alumnus married his longtime model girlfriend on July 9. On their wedding day, the couple, who have a daughter together, was surrounded by close family and friends.

Ellis AndSenicarGot to Know Each Other at A Bar in Los Angeles.

Nina Senicar and Jay Ellis Exchange Vows in A Tuscan Garden Wedding!

It’s been reported that Ellis and Senicar got to know each other at a bar in Los Angeles in 2015. It took them five years of dating before Ellis proposed in Bali at sunset in January of 2019 — he didn’t publicly confirm their relationship until a 2017 interview on “The Breakfast Club.” Due to the pandemic and the death of a family member, the couple had to postpone their wedding twice.

Ellis tells Vogue that at the time, Italy was “on a strict lockdown and closed to tourists,” which was “one of the hardest hit areas in the world.” “We had to cancel everything because, like everyone else, we had no idea how widespread it would be or how long it would last.

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The Weekend and Celebration Were Witnessed.

Nina Senicar and Jay Ellis Exchange Vows in A Tuscan Garden Wedding!

” Thanks to some heavy Zoom planning and schedule coordination, the couple was able to finally set a new date and have their dream Italian wedding. “We always knew we wanted to get married in Italy because it was the first trip we ever took together,” Senior said, referring to their first vacation together.

After their wedding, Ellis told Vogue that he and his new wife are looking forward to a little R&R. With everyone having been through so much in the last few years, it was “surreal” to gather over 190 people for three days in Tuscany to celebrate.

One of the most rewarding parts of the weekend and celebration was witnessing all of our friends from various walks of life come together and form new bonds of friendship. For the rest of our lives, we wanted to preserve special moments and recollections.


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