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New York and New Jersey Legislators Introduce a Bicameral Plan to Repeal Congestion Charges.

Fort Lee, NJ (PIX11)— A Democratic congressman announced a bipartisan effort to stop congestion pricing with a colleague from across the Hudson River. The law would eliminate MTA federal funds if it implements congestion pricing.
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Manhattan drivers below 60th Street would pay $5–$23 for congestion pricing. The plan is mandated by New York State and New York City. Despite tentative plans to implement it before the end of the year, it has not happened yet.

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If that happens, New Jersey Democrat Josh Gottheimer and New York Republican Mike Lawler said they would reject federal funds for the MTA.

At a late morning news conference at the George Washington Bridge entrance, Gottheimer said, “Our Anti-Congestion Tax legislation will freeze federal dollars sent each year to the MTA — which totals approximately $2 billion a year — if the agency insists on barreling ahead with this $23-dollar-a-day tax.”

Lawler addressed the MTA days before Manhattan’s second legal marijuana business opened. “If you’re going to continue forward with this, then you don’t need our federal dollars anymore, and you’re not getting one single cent,” he stated.

The Riders Alliance doubts the bill will pass.

“Manhattan has the best public transit in the US,” said Riders Alliance policy and communications director Danny Pearlstein.
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It chokes traffic, and we need real solutions, not grandstanding.”

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Gov. Kathy Hochul confirmed congestion charges Thursday. She wouldn’t say when it will start.

The new law mandates NYPD gun buybacks monthly.
The MTA expects $1 billion in annual earnings from the plan to expand public transit.

However, PIX11 News drivers were unanimously against congestion charges.

A silver sedan driver called it a scam. “It’s a ripoff.”

A livery driver argued congestion pricing will worsen a bad economy.

He added “$4, $5 for a dozen eggs” is tough. He claimed congestion charging makes budgets “extremely tight for people.”

Some public transportation orders disagreed over congestion charging. Red, a subway user, stated, “That’s a really wonderful concept since I think public transportation needs a lot of help.

“Many folks take the subway,” she added. Improve.”

Another metro commuter doubted congestion pricing would improve public transportation as required.

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“It’s like the lottery—meant it’s to go to education, [but doesn’t],” he remarked. “I don’t know if it’ll go where they say,”

MTA spokesperson John J. McCarthy released a statement. “Congestion charging is established New York State law,” it stated. Congestion pricing benefits the environment, fire trucks, buses, delivery vehicles, and the 90% of people who utilize mass transit.


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