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HomenewsNew Jersey's Road Construction is Incredibly Inconvenient and Prohibitively Expensive.

New Jersey’s Road Construction is Incredibly Inconvenient and Prohibitively Expensive.

You may be wondering how much longer this seemingly never-ending construction will keep you from driving around Montclair on Route 46 or via Cherry Hill on Route 70.
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The answer for the 8.8 kilometers of Route 70 is five more years. It’s not over yet! You have FIVE MORE YEARS!

Many drivers have been waiting for it to end since it began late last summer.


The completion is expected to occur in the year 2027.

There was widespread optimism that the two-lane road would be extended to meet the daily traffic of 50,000 vehicles.


An important part of the work involves laying new gas and water pipes beneath and alongside the roadway.

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The roadway width will remain the same, but new sidewalks and cutting-edge signal technology will be added.

Therefore, be patient and anticipate the same traffic congestion on the roads until the project is finished in 2027 at a cost of $151 million, which may increase potentially with inflation and all.

It’s not all paving, then.

Utility wires are a major contributing factor.

To what extent, though, does a mile of New Jersey roadway cost to pave?

Would you believe that the price per mile to pave a road in the state of California is significantly more than in any other state?

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A trip across the state of New Jersey will set you $20,879 per mile, but a trip across the state of New Hampshire will only set you back $20,211.

For under $8,585, how do states like Virginia operate? They aren’t even the cheapest state in the union.

New Jersey’s $36,473 average is more than six times the national average.

For the money we’re spending, you can rest assured that everything will be done properly as you drive past the empty rows of cones.


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