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HomenewsNew Jersey Resources Reduces Operational Emissions by 59%

New Jersey Resources Reduces Operational Emissions by 59%

The fiscal 2022 Corporate Sustainability Report from New Jersey Resources highlights the company’s progress on its sustainability program, which covers ESG efforts like emission reduction targets and decarbonization priorities.

NJR’s 2022 Corporate Sustainability Report features the following highlights:

  • reducing operational emissions in New Jersey by 59% from the baseline level of 2006, moving NJR closer to its target of a 60% cut by 2030.
  • removing cast iron and bare steel from the distribution system of New Jersey Natural Gas (NJNG). As the first gas utility in the state of New Jersey to accomplish this, NJNG currently runs the state’s most environmentally friendly natural gas delivery system with the fewest leaks per mile.
  • The NJNG plant that blends, stores, transports, and provides blended green hydrogen has finished its first year of operation. Clean hydrogen has become a vital instrument for attaining emissions reduction targets in a number of industries, and it is a major focus of current legislation and federal policy.
  • With almost $53 million invested in energy-efficiency projects, NJNG kept up its track record of being a leader in the field. This was the company’s greatest annual expenditure to date.
  • By lowering energy consumption across all fuel types and cutting energy bills, the energy-efficiency options contribute to an immediate decrease in emissions. In order to meet New Jersey’s 2050 carbon reduction targets, the initiative is a crucial part of NJNG’s decarbonization strategy.
  • Developing two projects—Canoe Brook floating solar, the largest floating solar array in the country, and Mount Olive, one of North America’s largest capped landfill installations—will strengthen NJR’s position as a pioneer in renewable energy. Both projects are in New Jersey.

Additionally, NJR disclosed that it has given its philanthropic foundations $20 million in funding during the previous two years.

With plans to donate up to million over the next five years to support activities like environmental protection, restoration, enhancement, education, and research, NJR is reaffirming its commitment to the environment through its charitable foundations.

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