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‘Tragedy on Tragedy’ Lasts 44 Hours. There Have Been Three Mass Shootings, 19 Dead

In America, forty-four hours. 3 large-scale shootings. 19 lives were completely lost. Californians all.

The victims, who were celebrating the Lunar New Year on Saturday night at a dance studio in the center of the city’s Asian American community, ranged in age from 57 to 76 and lived in the suburb of Monterey Park.

Then it occurred once again. Another seven persons were shot dead on Monday afternoon in a little beach town in northern California before authorities had announced all of their names.

The victims were foreign workers who toiled on a mushroom farm, some of whom also resided in trailers and mobile homes. Then once more, this time in Oakland.

Mass shootings in places of business, education, and church are becoming regular, upending communities in both large and small towns across the US almost every day.

Gov. Gavin Newsom was taken away for a briefing on the rampage in Half Moon Bay on Monday as he was visiting victims of the Monterey Park shooting at a hospital. Newsom tweeted, “Tragedy upon tragedy.”

The Democrat might have been alluding to the first few weeks of 2023 in America when there have already been 40 mass shootings this month, which is higher than at any other point in time.

The violence in California was linked to a few factors, including closeness and timing, elderly Asian gunmen in two of the cases, and the fact that many of the victims were Asian Americans. The greatest factor in common, though, is the epidemic of gun violence that America can’t seem to stop.

Regarding the bloodshed, Newsom added, “Only in America.” “In some situations, the destruction lasts for generations. Communities are being split apart. No one feels secure.

Gunfire Shatters the “Peace and Hope” Celebration

The shooter, Huu Can Tran, 72, was reportedly found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Parades take place. According to the authorities, he was familiar with the dance hall.

'Tragedy on Tragedy' Lasts 44 Hours. There Have Been Three Mass Shootings, 19 Dead

It’s unknown why he chose to attack the primarily elderly Asian Americans who were celebrating. According to California State Assemblyman Mike Fong, “It’s the year of the rabbit, a symbol of peace and hope.”

A Vigil, News of a New Murder, and an “Eerie Déjà Vu”

Upon learning of the farm massacre on Monday afternoon, Democratic Assemblyman Marc Berman of California joined colleagues on the grounds of the state Capitol for a vigil for the victims of the Monterey Park shooting.

“There is yet another mass shooting, this time in Half Moon Bay before we’ve even had time to mourn them. Assemblyman Marc Berman of California: “There was another mass massacre in my area, this time at Half Moon Bay.”

“It was an unsettling, eerie déjà vu,” said the mayor of Monterey Park. Josh Becker, a state senator from California, said: “We take ourselves in having some of the strictest gun restrictions in the nation.”

But I must inform you that they are meaningless in light of the seven fatalities in your neighborhood. Why is this taking place? In my neighborhood,” he tweeted.

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A democratic state senator from San Mateo County, Josh Becker, told CNN that his fellow attendees at the vigil were left wondering what else they could do after hearing of the shootings on Monday.

7 People Are Killed by “Workplace Violence”

According to San Mateo County Sheriff Christina Corpus, Chunli Zhao, 66, who is suspected of killing four people at a mushroom farm in California on Monday and three more at a location nearby, worked there.

Zhao was apprehended on Monday as his car was parked at a sheriff’s substation and contained a semi-automatic weapon.

According to Corpus, there has been “violence in the workplace.” According to a corporate spokeswoman, Zhao lived on the property where four of the victims were killed.

'Tragedy on Tragedy' Lasts 44 Hours. There Have Been Three Mass Shootings, 19 Dead

For the approximately 35 employees on the property, there are three mobile houses and six trailers. According to a corporate spokeswoman, Zhao resided on the property where four of the victims were killed.

Sheriff Christina Corpus of San Mateo County claims that there is “workplace violence” evidence. Authorities claim that youngsters may have seen some of the shootings.

They were farm workers, the mayor of Half Moon Bay, Deborah Penrose, said on Tuesday. At the mushroom farm, police in San Mateo County discovered four bodies and one injured person.

7 People Are Killed by “Workplace Violence”

The shootings at Half Moon Bay were followed by more bloodshed for hours. In the Bay Area city of Oakland on Monday night, one person passed away. Police there reported that seven more people were hurt and hospitalized in stable condition.

According to the Oakland Police Department, officers arrived shortly after 6 p.m. to an alarm from a ShotSpotter, a device that detects gunshots.

They discovered “a few casings,” but no victims. According to a police statement, officers discovered throughout the inquiry that there had been gunfire between many people.

When this happened, numerous hospitals started informing authorities that they had received numerous patients with gunshot wounds who had driven themselves to emergency rooms.

Up to 50 people were out shooting a music video when, according to the city’s acting police chief, Darren Allison, “gunfire burst out from different shooters in various directions.”


According to Allison, it was a “targeted shooting,” and authorities are “looking into the possibility of a gang or group connected with this crime.”

This week, countless citizens of California have been left in mourning and seeking explanations.


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