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HomenewsNew Jersey Ranks Fifth in an Unexpectedly Pleasant Research.

New Jersey Ranks Fifth in an Unexpectedly Pleasant Research.

New Jersey is one of the most expensive states to live in, therefore its citizens have to work hard to make ends meet.

Most of us have two working adults in our homes, and a few even have second jobs driving for services like DoorDash and similar companies to supplement our incomes.

In other words, we can be careless about our own houses.

I have a thousand things to do around the house, but I just haven’t had the time to do them all.
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My husband, who is normally the one I turn to for help with little house improvements like these, is even busier than I am.

I’m going to need to make a distress call, just like a lot of others in New Jersey.

So who are you gonna call? A self-employed person. Anyone from a carpet cleaner to a mover to a handyman fixing a leaky faucet is an example of a service provider.

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Those needing competent help around the house can find it through the Taskrabbit platform, an online resource that brings together customers and service providers.

They looked into the effects of connections with freelancers on their clients since they knew it was necessary.

The acclaim they’ve received from every corner of the country.
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Or not. You won’t find anything else like it. And that came as a bit of a shock.

Even though New Jerseyans have a reputation for being abrupt and nasty, Garden State has the fifth-highest rate of displaying gratitude to its gig workforce.

These findings stem from an analysis of data collected by TaskRabbit, the dominant platform in the home improvement sector, which details the number of completed tasks and the level of customer satisfaction for each.

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In order to determine which states are the most thankful, researchers analyzed data such as average tip amount, number of recommendations made, number of excellent reviews, and number of pleasant terms used.

True, you did read that accurately. The polite language was employed. So much for the naysayers in Jersey. Plus, our group ranks fifth highest in the nation for gratuities. That astonished me a bit.

State names that fared best on the Tip Index’s measure of “happiness” were:

  • Wyoming and Vermont
  • Specifically, the state of West Virginia.
  • Florida
  • Here in the Garden State. New Jersey

What is the Lesson to Be Learned From This?

New Jerseyans need and deserve recognition for the hard work they are putting into the gig economy.

Also, it’s important to remember that the handymen that visit our houses may be making ends meet by taking on a variety of odd jobs to cover their living expenses.

Let’s not forget to show them our gratitude, either.

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Oh, and we’re pleasant here, despite our desire to project a different image to the rest of the country.

However, we should keep such information to ourselves.


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