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Travis Kelce Confirms His Breakup with Kayla Nicole| View Latest News!

Travis Kelce is happily married to Kayla Nicole, his longtime lover, outside of football. Their multiracial love has had its ups and downs, but it seems that they are ready to take things to the next level.

The National Football League’s Travis Kelce is a well-known name. Kelce is a six-time Pro Bowl tight end for the Chiefs. In 2019, he helped his club win the Super Bowl.

Kelce is unquestionably successful in his job, but his personal life often makes the news. Especially with his long-term girlfriend, Kayla Nicole, who is multiracial.

Kelce and Nicole seem to be ready to transition from boyfriend and girlfriend to husband and wife now that they’ve been together for a few years.

A Sports Media Personality Is Travis Kelce’s Previous Girlfriend.

Kayla is a sports fanatic, much like her ex-boyfriend. According to her Instagram profile, she’s covered sports for the NBA, BET, Global Grind, HotNewHipHop, XONecole, All Def Digital, and BallisLife.

Kayla also has a YouTube account with a whole on-screen media reel from events like the WEEN awards and a Lakers game. She also has interviews with Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler on her reel.

Kayla has also served as the “resident tastemaker” with HotNewHipHop and presented “Heat Check,” a YouTube basketball program produced by the website BallIsLife.

Her broadcast journalism degree from Pepperdine University was the foundation for all of her media employment.

She’s Also Had Some Modeling Experience.

Kayla has worked as a model and promoted companies to her 190,000 Instagram followers in addition to her media career. Babe Wine, Gameday Tailgate Experience, and Tinder are among her brand partnerships.

She’s also published some of her modeling work, however, it doesn’t seem like she’s presently signed with anybody.

According to her professional Instagram profile, Kayla has won the titles of “Top 20 Miss CA 2013, First Runner Up Miss Malibu 2013, Top 10 Miss CA USA 2012, 2nd Runner-up in Miss Southern Coast Regional 2012, Third Runner Up Miss Malibu 2012.”

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Kayla Nicole and Travis Kelce Have Broken Up.

Travis Kelce, an NFL player, has officially revealed his breakup with long-term girlfriend Kayla Nicole — but maintains it’s not because he had an affair with a “Becky.”

As previously reported, Kayla unfollowed the Kansas City Chiefs tight end on Instagram last week and deleted any traces of Kelce from her page, which is often an indication of a breakup.

Kelce confirmed the story in a tweet late Tuesday night, retweeting a social media report claiming he had been “found w/ a Becky” — a white girl.”This is bogus news… a fabrication… and not why Kayla and I split up,” Kelce said in a now-deleted tweet. “Please take your hate somewhere.”

Patrick Mahomes and his fiancée Brittany Matthews were couples BFFs with Kelce and Kayla, and they recently partied in Lake Tahoe together.
However, Brittany continues to comment on Kayla’s Instagram page, implying that the two will remain friends… even if things with Travis may be uncomfortable for a time.

Kayla and Travis started dating in 2017 and their breakup remains a mystery.
Unfortunately, they were entertaining, fascinating, and quite attractive.
Kelce pursued Nicole on Instagram, and she DM’d him. They struck it off and made their romance public during Kelce’s teammate Jeremy Maclin’s wedding in 2017.

The couple had been together for three years when they announced their split to the public. Kelce and Nicole allegedly broke up in August 2020, but the couple didn’t disclose it for months.

Rumors circulated on the internet around the time of their separation that the Kansas City Chiefs had cheated on his fiancée, leading to their divorce. Nicole fueled the flames by deleting all of their images and unfollowing Kelce.

Kelce finally cleared the air after months of rumors when he reacted to a now-deleted post claiming he was caught with a lady. The player said that it was bogus news and that it was the reason for their breakup.

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what is their relationship’s present status?

Their split, however, was short-lived. Nicole was seen at one of Kelce’s games against the New England Patriots in October 2020. Shortly later, in an interview with WNBA star Chiney Ogwumike, the 31-year-old revealed their reconciliation.

During the Q&A, he said that he would lavish Nicole with presents and called her “the greatest.” Since then, the couple has been going strong, and their followers are pulling for them.

Nicole is an accomplished lady in her own way, but not as well-known as Kelce. She has a journalism degree from Pepperdine University and, like her partner, works in the sports sector.

She has largely reported sports for businesses including NBA, BET, Global Grind, BallisLife, and All Def Digital. She also has a YouTube account where she posts exercise videos.
The couple also has two dogs: a Goldendoodle called Rambo and a pomeranian-husky mix named Chauncey. The couple’s dogs are constantly featured on their sites.


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