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HomenewsNew Jersey Native Honors Organ Donor for "gift of Life"

New Jersey Native Honors Organ Donor for “gift of Life”

NEW JERSEY’S MIDDLESEX (PIX11) – A hero was what Helen Hunter needed eight years ago. She has polycystic renal disease, the doctors said.

Hunter explained, “I have two brothers, and we figured that one of us would surely get it. I got the ‘lucky’ one out of the bunch.” Her granny passed away from this illness. Hunter required a transplant in order to survive.

Hunter remarked, “I had a single kidney transplant, and that kidney has been quite beneficial and helpful.” Positive results have been observed thus far.

The family of a guy who had perished from a ladder accident donated his organs, allowing Hunter to live. That’s the gift of life,” Hunter added.

NJ woman celebrates ‘gift of life’ after lifesaving organ transplant

It’s an extremely pressing issue.
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Kelly Bonventre, manager of community services at NJ Sharing Network, emphasised the magnitude of the demand.

There are approximately three million registered organ donors in New Jersey, making it one of the top states in the US. But the supply of organs has not kept pace with demand.

4,000 people in New Jersey are on the transplant waiting list at the moment, Bonventre added. “Right here in the United States, we have 100,000 people waiting, and regrettably, we lose 17 individuals every day while they wait.
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In New Jersey, the NJ Sharing Network is a non-profit organisation that helps in organ donation and transplants.

NJ woman celebrates ‘gift of life’ after lifesaving organ transplant

To save lives like Helen’s, Bonventre and his team “work really, really hard” to make organ donation and transplantation possible. More people than ever can join with only a few clicks. Officials recommend researching organ donation if you have any doubts.

Though it’s uncomfortable to consider, this is what ensured Hunter would be around for many more joyful years to come. People’s “yes” to donation is “really what” will assist “us save more lives,” Bonventre remarked.

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