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Marijuana Bars: New Jersey Has Proposed Regulations for Use of Public Spaces for Recreational Drug Use

TREVOR – On Friday, state officials formally proposed the rules for public cannabis consumption areas or places where people can gather to use their legally purchased marijuana. These areas are similar to bars in that they are social gathering places.

There is no timetable for the lounges to open. Public comments on the proposal will be accepted for two months after it is published in the New Jersey Register; after that, the rules will be finalized and an application process will be established.

The Cannabis Regulatory Commission, however, has stated that the proposal represents a natural progression for the sector. Also, those who have trouble finding a legal place to use marijuana, like renters whose landlords don’t allow it, will have a new option in these zones.

As CRC chairwoman Dianna Houenou put it, “equitable access to cannabis means that everyone who wishes to consume has someplace to do that” (legally, safely, and responsibly). “When done right, cannabis consumption areas can boost the industry while providing consumers with more options for where to use the drug.”

Marijuana bars

CRC director Jeff Brown said, “I truly believe that this rule proposal, like everything we try to do, adequately balances both equity and safety, and will open up new opportunities for businesses and consumers.”

Commissioner Maria Del Cid-Kosso remarked, “I’m very excited that we’re pushing this forward because it is a safe space for consumers and patients.” Any designated cannabis consumption area would require approval from the state and the local municipality, among other requirements. To the extent possible, they would be prohibited from overselling to customers and required to ensure that their products are consumed safely.
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Customers must be over the age of 21 and have proper identification to enter the cannabis dispensary. But only those with a valid medical marijuana card would be allowed access to the consumption areas.

Locations could be indoors or outdoors but must be enclosed. There would be a strict prohibition on smoking and drinking anywhere on the property.
There can be no sales of food, but customers can bring their own or get it delivered.
The total cost to apply is $1,000. As an added cost, a standard license would set you back $5,000 and a micro business license would cost $1,000.


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