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New Jersey May Be One of The Most Fortunate States for Lotto Players.

I consider our state to be quite fortunate, given that we get to live near the ocean and enjoy delicious cuisine.

However, I am truly asking how fortunate New Jersey is when it comes to playing the lotto.

Whenever there is a large jackpot, I always purchase a few tickets.

You Can’t Win if You Don’t Play Right?

Even occasionally receiving a scratch-off is a lot of fun.

What are the odds of winning the jackpot if you reside in the Garden State? Are we fortunate enough to be deemed a “excellent state” for gambling?

What States Participate In The Mega Millions
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I was unaware that not all fifty states participate in Mega Millions lotteries.

There are five which do not.

According to Fool, Hawaii, Alaska, Alabama, Utah, and Nevada don’t.

I wonder if Las Vegas had anything to do with Nevada’s nonparticipation.

Recently, the Luckiest States in The Country to Play the Lottery in Were Released

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Since the lottery’s inception in 2002, 207 prizes have been won and divided among 233 winning tickets.

That means there were numerous winners on occasion.

The Asbury Park Press reports that seventeen states have never produced a jackpot winner.

However, if you want to live in a state with the largest number of winning lottery tickets, then New Jersey is a fantastic choice.

The Press said that New York leads the state with the most lottery winners, with 42 winners picked since 2002.

Since 2002, New Jersey has ranked third with a total of 25 Mega Million winners.

All things considered, New Jersey is a relatively fortunate spot to play the lotto.

New Jersey is the third most fortunate lottery state in the US.

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