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Attorney General Peter Platkin of New Jersey Has Instituted Stricter Regulations on Abortion.

KYW Newsradio, SOUTH JERSEY On Wednesday, New Jersey Attorney General Matt Platkin unveiled a number of initiatives designed to further expand reproductive rights in the state, which already has some of the strongest laws in the country for abortion.

One bill would prohibit licencing boards from collaborating with interstate investigations and would make it illegal for abortion physicians to be penalised for providing abortion-related services.
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New Jersey AG Platkin implements greater abortion protections

The state is also giving advice on how to keep patients’ information safe and private. Crisis pregnancy clinics, which Platkin claims are groups trying to stop abortions by spreading misinformation, were the subject of another warning he sent.

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The state of New Jersey under Governor Phil Murphy “will continue to make true on its commitments to all women seeking the reproductive care they need and will set a benchmark for reproductive health care across our nation,” he stated.

New Jersey AG Platkin implements greater abortion protections

The Supreme Court reversed its decision in Roe v. Wade, the 1973 case that legalised abortion under the Constitution, in June. The present court, which is composed of six conservative members out of nine, ruled to enable states to decide abortion policy, paving the way for a large number of states to ban or severely restrict abortions.

According to the Society for Family Planning, the abortion rate in New Jersey has increased by 7 percent since then.

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In addition to establishing a “strike force” in July, Platkin authorised numerous state agencies to take legal action against anyone who threatens or intimidates patients or care providers at New Jersey abortion clinics. Both laws were passed into law by Governor Murphy.
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