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HomenewsA New Jersey Fisherman Has Caught the Largest Albacore in 38 Years

A New Jersey Fisherman Has Caught the Largest Albacore in 38 Years

A New Jersey fisherman has broken the state record for albacore, also known as “longfin” tuna, according to the state’s fish and wildlife department. Local fisherman Matthew Florio caught an albacore that weighed in at just over 78 pounds, breaking the record that had stood since 1984 by a scant 3.4 ounces.

This enormous longfin tuna was caught by Florio in October while he was chunking off the boat Luna Sea at the east elbow of Hudson Canyon.

New Jersey Fisherman Breaks 38-Year-Old Record With Giant Albacore Catch

Matthew caught this fish with a Penn 30 reel and a Kevin Bogan 30 Stand Up rod, both loaded with 60-pound monofilament. According to the report, “butter fish” was used as bait. This albacore tuna set a new world record with its 48 3/8-inch length and 37-inch girth.

A gigantic albacore weighing 88 pounds was caught in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, in November 1977; the fisherman’s catch was just 10 pounds less.

In addition to swimming at speeds of over 50 mph, schools of albacore tuna can span a distance of up to 19 miles, as reported by NOAA.

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These fish can be found in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans, and prefer warmer waters.

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Something Unexpected Caught by an East Coast Fisherman

While Florio was reeling in his catch, a fisherman in Rhode Island was discovering something completely different. The crew of anglers discovered they had captured a World War II bomb while trolling about four miles off the shore of Block Island.

The fisherman naturally informed the U.

S. Coast Guard, who then contacted the Navy for help. After determining that the explosive was a World War II era MK6 depth charge, Navy Explosive Ordinance Disposal Mobile Unit 12 arrived and seized ownership of the device.

The device was exploded underwater the next day, far from any innocent fishermen, by the ordinance disposal crew.

New Jersey Fisherman Breaks 38-Year-Old Record With Giant Albacore Catch

When faced with such crises, “the safety of people and the environment are our main priority,” a Coast Guard spokesman said. To make sure that nobody got hurt and that wildlife was not harmed, the U.S. Navy collaborated with the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration before setting off the explosives.

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A Navy spokesman made a similar request, saying that anyone who comes across a suspicious object should report it immediately.

The Navy has issued a statement urging people “not to move or touch any suspected munitions” if they come across any suspicious objects.
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The anglers’ discovery was maritime in nature, thus it was imperative that they contact the U.S. Coast Guard immediately. People are urged to report any finds of unexploded ordnance on land or beaches immediately.


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