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Nardwuar’s Net Worth: Who Has Nardwuar Interviewed the Most?

Nardwuar is a Vancouver-based Canadian interviewer and musician with a net worth of $7 million as of 2022. He is best known for being the lead vocalist and keyboardist for The Evaporators, a garage rock band.

Nardwuar became one of Canada’s most recognizable interviewers after a decorated 30-year career that began in his hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Before joining the band as lead singer, Nardwuar worked as a host at a radio station in British Columbia, where he was a regular on Friday afternoons.

Nardwuar’s Early Life

On July 5, John Ruskin was born in Vancouver, British Columbia as Nardwuar. He was born to a mother named Olga Ruskin (née Bruchovsky) and an engineer father named Vernon Ruskin.

He became interested in the entertainment industry as a child. Nardwuar competed in a school speech contest and managed to entertain everyone. He was in sixth grade in high school at the time.

He chose the name Nardwuar as a teenager in 1986 and insists that it has no special meaning. He received his education at Hillside Secondary School in West Vancouver. In September 1985, while still a student at that school, Nardwuar conducted his first interview in a classroom.

He began receiving offers from bands for school events after that. His first subjects were members of the rock band Poisoned, who had just exited the stage after performing at the school dance. Nardwuar assisted with the booking after asking his fellow students who they wanted to see the most that night.

He was accepted to the University of British Columbia after graduating (UBC). By watching his mother work, he also learned how to be a good journalist and researcher.

His mother Ogla began her career as a journalist in the 1950s before switching to teaching high school and working in cable access television in the 1970s and 1980s. She worked as a reporter in Vancouver and hosted a program called Our Pioneers and Neighbors where she conducted interviews with locals from the city’s various neighborhoods.


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While attending UBC, Nardwuar began to write essays about Vancouver’s Lions Gate Bridge and the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He completed his studies in 1990 and was awarded a history bachelor’s degree from the university.

Nardwuar’s Career

After getting his start in the late 1980s, Nardwuar would hound the program director of a Vancouver college radio station known as CITR until they offered him a show.

When they finally relented, they offered him one minute of Friday night air time. Nardwuar jumped at the opportunity, and getting him into the studio for one minute of content was a breeze. The show grew longer and longer over time.

During the 1990s, Nardwuar perfected his interview format, drawing inspiration from others such as American actor Arsenio Hall. The majority of his early CITR interviews were primarily audio-only, but this collection contains some of his most rare interviews with legendary acts such as Sonic Youth in 1991 and Kurt Cobain in 1994.

By 1996, students from Vancouver Film School had created Nardwuar’s website to host his interviews, which he still uses today. The first Snoop Dogg interview, which took place on the set of the film Bones, was a watershed moment in Nardwuar’s career.

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Despite receiving such compliments regularly from some of the world’s biggest stars, Nardwuar remains a very humble person. He credits his CITR community with keeping him popular and assisting him with all of his incredible research.

Nardwuar eventually rose to prominence as one of the most commercially successful radio hosts, amassing a substantial fortune as a result of his successful career.

With the advent of YouTube, he was able to reach a larger audience, and his very first upload featured former US Vice President Dan Quayle. That video quickly went viral, and his interviews now have hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

Nardwuar's Net Worth Who Has Nardwuar Interviewed the Most

He became one of the country’s most popular personalities after more than 30 years of success and an epic number of unforgettable interviews. He has conducted interviews with celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Skrillex, Pharrell Williams, and Drake.

Nardwuar’s Music Career

Aside from that, in 1986 Nardwuar joined forces with John Collins and Lisa Marr to form the garage rock group The Evaporators. Later, he worked with David Carswell and Scott Livingstone to release their music, which debuted in 1992 with the song Welcome to the Castle.

The band had three successful studio albums out by the end of the 1990s, which helped them become known in the business. According to some reports, Nardwuar made over $150,000 from his two jobs during that time.

Nardwuar’s Net Worth 

Nardwua’s Net Worth is expected to be around $7 million in 2022. The majority of his wealth has come from being the best interviewer in the country. He rose to prominence after Nardwuar interviewed former US Vice President Dan Quayle.

Nardwuar rose to prominence after interviewing former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin in 2004. He made a lot of money from his music career as the lead singer of the band The Evaporators.

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Nardwuar launched his YouTube channel, Nardwuar Serviette, on December 4th, 2006, and has since uploaded hundreds of videos. Nardwuar has over 2.4 million active subscribers as of 2022.


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