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HomenewsMurphy, We've Already Done the Research, and You Did Not Pass (Opinion)

Murphy, We’ve Already Done the Research, and You Did Not Pass (Opinion)

The shady group in Trenton is up to its old tricks again. This time around, the governor has ordered a fresh investigation or commission to assess his performance during the COVID outbreak.

Interesting that the governor is suddenly acting as if he must deliver on a commitment to assess his conduct.

Maybe he wasn’t listening to my show back in April when we highlighted one of the most complete studies undertaken by some of the sharpest and most well-informed brains in the nation.

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Economist Stephen Moore joined me on air a few months ago to discuss the report, the conclusions, and exactly how terribly New Jersey’s government performed.

The whole idea that the corporate media allows Murphy to announce a new study, presumably which would show a “better” side to his lethal approach, without even a peep regarding the last study and actual outcomes is irresponsible at best.

It demonstrates, at worst, that some in the media care more about clickbait than they do about the truth. When did journalists stop “speaking truth to power,” as the old adage put it?

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What happened to confront groupthink and propagandist narratives? When did Americans simply accept the information coming from government leaders and their media shills?
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We are in a time of crisis for the Fourth Estate. Maybe it’s the profit motive fueled by clicks and advertising dollars.

Either way, it’s time to hold journalists to comparable standards as we hold teachers and real estate, professionals.
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Standards for accreditation, registration, and ongoing training.

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There should be a standard of reporting in order to use the title “journalist”. After all, the moniker indicates a neutral person reporting both sides of the situation based on facts. We’re fairly far from that standing in most media outlets today.


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