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Mozzy Net Worth 2022: Where Does He Live?

Mozzy Net Worth: Mozzy is the stage name of Timothy Cornell Patterson, an American rapper, record producer, and composer.

He became well-known among renowned rappers all across America because of his albums and songs. In 2022, Mozzy’s net worth is $1 million.

Mozzy, who began his career in 2004, has established himself as a renowned artist via his zeal and commitment. He had had a lot of hardships growing up.

One of them is not being able to live with his parents. Mozzy’s success has been more of a gradual journey than instant success. He had put forth a lot of effort to support himself.

He has still established a respectable reputation and notoriety due to his constancy. If you are a fan of Mozzy, you might be interested in learning more about his biography, family, way of life, profession, and wiki. You must adhere to us for that.

Contributions to Mozzy’s Net Worth and Earnings

His rapping career accounts for the majority of his total net worth. He had just chosen another line of work to supplement his income. His rapping profession had so far brought him success. According to sources, Mozzy has a net worth of $1 million.

Real Name Timothy Cornell Patterson
Additional Name/ Stage Name Mozzy
Net Worth $1 million
Profession Rapper, Songwriter, Record Producer, & YouTuber
Birth Date 24-06-1987
Birth Place Sacramento, California, United States
Zodiac Sign/Star Cancer
Age 34
Gender Male
Height 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 meters)
Weight 143 lbs (65 kg)
Body Type/Sexual Orientation Straight
Body Complexion Unavailable
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Nationality American
Religion African-American
Ethnicity Unknown
Marital Status Married
Wife Unknown
Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Social Media FacebookInstagramTwitterYouTubeWebsite

He has made a significant amount of money from his music records, setting him apart from his rivals.

His music records, which have delighted numerous fans and music enthusiasts all around the world, are his main source of income.

He receives a lot of sponsorships and income from his YouTube channel in addition to music releases.

Mozzy Net Worth 2022 (1)

He has a ton of YouTube subscribers, which has helped him become well-known and affluent. Additionally, Mozzy has planned live stage performances and concerts, which contribute significantly to his revenue.

He is an entrepreneur in addition to being an entertainment. He is the owner of a company that sells a lot of merchandise. Sweat, shirts, polos, joggers, beanies, and bags are sold under his brands.

Mozy’s Early Childhood and Educational Struggles

On June 24, 1987, Mozzy was born in Sacramento, California, in the United States. His nationality is American, and he belongs to the African-American ethnic group.

Mozzy has had a difficult life because he was born into a highly unsettling home. His family was never there for him to begin with.

His grandma looked after him as his caregiver and made sure he was properly raised. Mozzy’s grandma, Brenda Patterson-Usher, had also resided in Oak Park with him.

She even managed to enroll him at Sacramento High School, a nearby institution.

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However, Mozzy struggled to focus on his schoolwork and was ultimately expelled from the school. He then passed the General Educational Development Test and began working at local jobs before deciding to pursue music as a full-time career.

How Did Mozzy Build a Career?

In 2004, Mozzy began his professional life as Lil Tim. Back then, he performed gospel hip hop. He persisted in putting in a lot of effort for a decade until one of his songs received some minor public attention. When U ain’t ready like dat was released in 2010, it quickly became well-known.

When his album Money Means Mozzy was published in 2011, he decided to go by Mozzy. The next track, Bladadah, is regarded as his finest album of all time. This song, which was published in 2015, made him well-known to rap fans and generated a lot of hype.

Mozzy Net Worth 2022 (2)

This year, he enjoyed further successes and received praise from publications like Complex Magazine and Rolling Stone.

Despite everything, he continued to release records on occasion. One of his albums, Mandatory Check, also debuted in the top seven rap singles on the Billboard charts in 2016.

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Before starting Mozzy Records, he was employed by music production businesses including Livewire Entertainment, Real talk Entertainment, Empire Distribution, and Blackmarket Records.

Mozzy’s Family Life: Had Mozzy Married?

Mozzy got hitched to his longtime love. Concerning his wife and marriage, Mozzy has maintained privacy.

We are unsure of where and when they wed because their wedding was likewise private. He does, however, publish images of himself with his wife, but nothing more has been made known to the public.

His wife has given birth to two daughters for him. Both of them seem to be the objects of Mozzy’s intense adoration.

He has observed others having fun and playing with them. He is becoming a better and better parent to his kids.

Mozzy Net Worth 2022 (3)


Mozzy’s Career Achievements

Throughout his career, Mozzy accomplished a lot thanks to his dedication and enthusiasm for his profession.

From 2011 to 2019, a period of nine years, he put out twenty-two solo albums and seventeen albums with collaborators.

People adore his songs’ sound and lyrics. Beyond Bulletproof, Big Homie From The Hood, Body Count, Blackout, Can’t Let You Go, Death is Callin, Gangsta, I Ain’t Perfect, and many others are some of his well-known songs.

Additionally, he established his label, known as Mozzy Records. Additionally, he performs for a few other businesses and annually publishes albums and songs.

Since he began his career, several well-known individuals have made appearances in his songs.


According to Rolling Stone, one of the finest rap albums was Bladadah. On the chart, it was at place 22. On his YouTube channel, he has received over 94 billion views.

Use of social networking sites by Mozzy

Mozzy is a social media fanatic and has virtually all of them. With over 1.3 million followers on Instagram (@Mozzy), he posts photographs of his day-to-day activities.

On the other hand, he has 111K fans that follow him on Twitter (@MozzyThaMotive).

He has 1.22 million subscribers to his Mozzy YouTube channel. His astounding YouTube following has established him as a well-known rap musician.

Mozzy’s height, weight, and age

Mozzy is a respectable 171 cm tall, or five feet, seven inches, tall. However, he weighs less than that—just 65 kg.


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He was born in 1987, which makes him 33 years old. And nobody knows what his bodily dimensions are. He belongs to the Afro-American race.

Mozzy Songs List

  • Sleep Walking
  • MAD
  • Tomorrow Ain’t Promised
  • Excuse Me
  • I Ain’t Perfect
  • Famous
  • Can’t Take It
  • YG Mozzy Vibe With You
  • YG Dangerous

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Mozzy

Q. Where does Mozzy live?

Currently, Mozzy resides in Los Angeles, California, USA. He relocated to Los Angeles in 2016 from his birthplace of Sacramento.

Q. Is Mozzy Married?

Yes, Mozzy gets wed to the woman he has always cherished. The general public has limited access to information on his wife, though. He and she had a secret wedding, and they had two kids together.

Q. Had Mozzy Collaborated with YG?

The rapper YG and Mozzy have also worked together on various tracks and albums. His collaborations with YG include the songs MAD, Gangsta, Vibe With You, Perfect Timings, Dangerous, and Community Service, an album.


Q. What is their net worth of Mozzy?

As of 2022, Mozzy has a $1 million net worth. Nearly all of his wealth comes from his musical career, live performances, and concerts.

Q. What is the real name of Mozzy?

Timothy Cornell Patterson is Mozzy’s true name. Lil Tim was his previous stage name, which he eventually changed to Mozzy in 2011.


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