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MacBook Air Charger: What To Do if Your MacBook Air won’t Turn On?

Nothing happens when consumers plug their MacBook Air into the Mag Safe power adapter and turn it on. The power adapter has an effect on it. That is, the green light turned orange. nevertheless won’t turn on. Be at ease. In this essay, I’ll outline a few fixes for this problem. Are you interested? Let’s have a look.

Solution 1: Shake your Mac

  • Maintain a little opening in the MacBook Air lid. Shake it with a firm grip.
  • Next, push the power/start button. By doing so, you’ll activate the Sudden motion sensor-SMS and fix your issue.

Solution 2: Reset SMC

MacBook Air Charger

  • Execute the SMC reset. Hold down the Shift, Control, Option, and Power buttons.
  • Release both keys simultaneously. Afterward, start your Mac.
  • Remove your MAC’s Safety case as a third option.
  • If your MacBook Air has a safety case, remove it and give it another go.

Solution 3: Remove the Safety case on your MAC

  • Try turning it on after removing the bottom.
  • Observe any jerking of the fan? Once inside, flick the fan a little with your finger.
  • Check the problem if it began rotating normally.

Solution 5: Reset PRAM

MacBook Air Charger

  • Restart the PRAM. The majority of the MacBook Air’s problems, which include a dark screen, noisy fan, and bootup chimes, were resolved by doing this.
  • Use data cables as Solution 6
  • To connect your mobile device with a data cable, press the Power button.
  • Your issue might be resolved if your mobile device begins to charge.

Solution 7: First-Aid your MAC

The best solution for all startup-related problems is First-Aid. Try this one instead.

  • Tap the Apple logo first.
  • then choose System Preferences.
  • click Disk Utility after that.
  • The First-Aid option is located at the top; simply click it.
  • From the pop-up, select Run.
  • Tap Done after the procedure is finished.
  • Your Mac will then start up automatically after that. Check to see if the problem is still a problem for you right now.

MacBook Air Charger

Check your device’s warranty status if your MacBook Air won’t start or if the power adapter indicator has changed from orange to green. Take it to the Apple service facility if it is still under warranty. Then, let us know if you have any questions or recommendations in the comment box below. Many thanks.

Sheela Sharma
Sheela Sharma
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