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Jury Finds that Kevin Spacey Did Not Abuse Actor Anthony Rapp in 1986

The AP: NEW YORK On Thursday, a jury decided in favor of Kevin Spacey in one of the lawsuits that ultimately ended the actor’s career, concluding that he did not sexually abuse Anthony Rapp, who was 14 at the time, while both were relatively unknown actors in Broadway shows in 1986.

In the civil trial, the decision was rendered in a flash. Before concluding that Rapp had not proven his claims, the jury in a federal court in New York debated for a little over an hour. When the verdict was announced, Spacey bowed his head and hugged his attorneys. As he walked out of the courthouse, he avoided speaking to the press.
His attorney, Jennifer Keller, expressed gratitude to the jury for exposing these baseless accusations.

The next step is to demonstrate Mr.
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Spacey’s innocence on all charges against him.

The next step is to demonstrate Mr. Spacey’s innocence on all charges against him. Regarding additional allegations of the actor’s sexual misconduct, including charges in England, she continued, “that there was no truth to any of the allegations.

Jury Finds that Kevin Spacey Did Not Abuse Actor Anthony Rapp in 1986

Rapp stated in court that Spacey had invited him to a party at his flat and then approached him in a bedroom while the other visitors had left. He said that the actor, who was 26 at the time, lifted him up and partially positioned him on a bed before he wriggled free and left while Spacey reportedly questioned his decision to leave while intoxicated.

In his often-tearful evidence, Spacey assured the jury that it never occurred and that he would never have been drawn to a 14-year-old.

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$40 million in damages were demanded in the complaint.

Without addressing the media, Rapp and his attorneys likewise walked out of the courtroom. Rapp’s attorney, Richard Steigman, charged Spacey with lying as a witness during his closing arguments to the jury on Thursday. Steigman declared that he lacked credibility. Sometimes, the straightforward truth is the best. This actually did happen, that much is clear.

At the three-week trial, Rapp, 50, and Spacey, 63, both gave testimony over a number of days.

Rapp’s and other people’s allegations unexpectedly ended the two-time Academy Award-winning actor’s burgeoning career. He was fired from the Netflix series “House of Cards” and other opportunities dried up as a result of these allegations. Rapp was a member of the original Broadway cast of “Rent” and currently appears frequently on “Star Trek: Discovery” on television.

Spacey Was Accused of Groping a Man in A Club

In Massachusetts, Spacey was accused of groping a man in a club; the charges against him were later dismissed by the prosecution.

He entered a not-guilty plea in London three months ago to charges that he sexually abused three men between 2004 and 2015 while serving as the artistic director of the Old Vic theatre there.

Jury Finds that Kevin Spacey Did Not Abuse Actor Anthony Rapp in 1986

This past summer, a judge in Los Angeles upheld an arbitrator’s ruling that ordered actor Kevin Spacey to pay $30.9 million to the producers of “House of Cards” for breaching his contract by harassing staff members.

Unless the accuser comes forward publicly, as Rapp has done, The Associated Press typically does not name those who make sexual assault allegations.

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Spacey Stated Throughout the Trial that He Was Certain the Contact with Rapp

Spacey stated throughout the trial that he was certain the contact with Rapp never took place, in part because he was not residing in the one-bedroom apartment that Rapp claimed, and he had never hosted an event other than a housewarming party.

Jury Finds that Kevin Spacey Did Not Abuse Actor Anthony Rapp in 1986

“I was aware that neither Anthony Rapp nor any child would be of attraction to me sexually. I knew that, he informed the jury. In her final remarks to the jury, Keller offered explanations for why Rapp may have fabricated the encounter with Spacey up or imagined it. She speculated that Rapp may have come up with the idea after seeing actor Ed Harris pick up and lie on top of Rapp’s character in the play “Precious Sons,” thinking it was his wife at first before realizing it was his son.

She also implied that after Rapp’s breakout performance in Broadway’s “Rent,” he eventually developed resentment toward Spacey for becoming a megastar while Rapp had “minor roles in small productions.”

Keller claimed that fame did not follow him

Keller claimed that fame did not follow him. The coach of Mr. Rapp is now a pumpkin. Therefore, Keller added, “Mr. Rapp is receiving more publicity from this trial than he has in his entire acting career today. She claimed that Rapp had gained notoriety as a result of the downfall of a prominent actor in Hollywood.

Throughout the two days of evidence, Spacey apologized for a statement he made in 2017 when Rapp initially came forward, in which he claimed he didn’t remember the incident but owed Rapp his “sincerest apologies for what would have been very inappropriate intoxicated behavior.”

Spacey, wiping his eyes with a tissue, said that publicists and attorneys had put pressure on him to make an understanding statement at a time when the #MeToo movement was unsettling everyone in the business.

that lesson is never to apologize for something you didn’t do

He stated, “I’ve learned a lesson, and that lesson is never to apologize for something you didn’t do.

Additionally, he sobbed as he stated he regretted coming out as gay the same day Rapp’s allegations broke since some people would have taken his declaration as an attempt to change the issue or divert attention from Rapp’s revelations.

In his testimony, Spacey said that he spoke to the jury during the trial on extremely sensitive subjects, including the fact that his father was a white supremacist and neo-Nazi who had called him queer because he enjoyed the theatre.

Jury Finds that Kevin Spacey Did Not Abuse Actor Anthony Rapp in 1986

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When Spacey imitated his then-Broadway co-star Jack Lemmon in court, the audience got a small taste of his acting prowess. Earlier in his testimony, he said that his talent for impressions helped him in his acting career.


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