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HomenewsJudge Upholds Right to Expand Concealed Gun Carry in New Jersey

Judge Upholds Right to Expand Concealed Gun Carry in New Jersey

After years of several states restricting citizens’ ability to carry concealed weapons in defiance of a Supreme Court ruling, those jurisdictions eventually gave up.

Even the Supreme Court’s decision couldn’t stop Democratic-controlled states like New Jersey from trying to limit this constitutionally protected right to bear guns.

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Many other places, including New York State, have made similar attempts without success.

The state of New Jersey now has a number of new regulations thanks to the work of the legislature and Governor Murphy.

Rapidly reacting to the restricted New Jersey law, Ronald Koons and other plaintiffs filed suit in federal court against the state of New Jersey and other related parties.

We have got a copy of Judge Renée Marie Bumb’s ruling in the United States District Court.

This is it… If you look at the paperwork closely, you’ll see that it names Atlantic County Prosecutor Will Reynolds as the single defendant. Since he is the head of the Atlantic County, New Jersey, Police Department, his name appears first on the list.

If history is any indication, the state of New Jersey will fight tooth and nail to get back the limits they just enacted through legislation.

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This is a no-brainer considering the Democrat majority in New Jersey has consistently supported stricter gun laws.

The recent New Jersey law that would have limited the right to conceal carry has been halted for the time being.
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Even while we haven’t had a chance to speak with Reynolds directly about this, we can confirm that he was indeed served with the complaint electronically on Christmas Day. Both the order and its service date are January 9, 2023.


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