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John Mulaney Olivia Munn Breakup? Amid the Breakup of John, Olivia Munn Discusses Motherhood!

What a surprising link! After John Mulaney’s divorce from his wife of six years, Anna Marie Tendler, in May 2021, his relationship with Olivia Munn blossomed. Tendler said in a statement at the time of their divorce, “I am heartbroken that John has decided to end our marriage.” To paraphrase, “May he find encouragement and healing as he continues his journey.”

John will not have any additional comment as he continues to focus on his recuperation and going back to work,” a spokeswoman for the comedian told Us Weekly. In the same issue of Us, the magazine disclosed the comedian’s relationship with Munn. The ex-New Girl star dated the NFL quarterback for three years after being linked to him for a while with Bryan Greenberg and Chris Pine. In April of 2017, they officially split up.

Divorce Announcement and The Public Discussion

john mulaney olivia munn breakup

It all started in May with the divorce announcement and the public discussion of rehab for Mulaney (plus, the devastating in its simplicity divorce statement from his wife, Anna Marie Tendler: “I am heartbroken that John has decided to end our marriage. I wish him support and success as he continues his recovery.”) Tabloids explained that Munn and Mulaney re-met at church and were “linked” before becoming a confirmed couple.

Then there was the reported baby, and then there was the confirmed baby, all on Late Night With Seth Meyers. What about now? As of this past Sunday, there has been talking within the grapevine that they have broken up. , Separating or Divorcing. Or maybe they were never set up for success and nobody knows what the future holds.
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Their Relationship

john mulaney olivia munn breakup

An insider told Us Weekly, “This has been an imperfect relationship from the beginning.” They will “become great parents,” but “nobody knows yet if they do that together or apart,” according to the tabloid’s source. “Even though Olivia’s going to be a wonderful mother and has great support behind her, Olivia‘s friends just don’t see these two being a couple in a year’s time.”

As soon as the rumours started spreading, counter-rumours emerged. According to Entertainment Tonight, who chatted with Munn about her upcoming film Violet, such rumours are false.
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She says, “I’m simply enthusiastic about meeting whoever it is, and bringing a little person into this world. Justine [Bateman, director of Violet] and I had a long chat about [motherhood] the other day.”

Their Dating

john mulaney olivia munn breakup

The title has been changed to reflect that she did not quote Mulaney specifically but rather a very generic line. Mommy guilt? Have a snack. So, now what? There is no way to know until the future unfolds.

Simply said, gossip just keeps spreading. No one knows where it will end.

Tendler says of the events that have occurred following her divorce from Mulaney, “Everything that has unfolded has been utterly shocking and I think strange.” in a new profile for Harper’s Bazaar. Having sunk as low as I could, I feel as though “well, it can only go up from here.”

It took Mulaney and Tendler six years of marriage to finally call it quits. After years of battling alcoholism and substance abuse, Mulaney booked himself into a rehabilitation centre in December 2020 for a period of 60 days. Tendler released a statement in May 2021, describing her state of heartbreak and claiming that Mulaney had “chosen to end our marriage.”

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What Is the Reason for Their Breakup?

john mulaney olivia munn breakup

They’d been outspoken about wanting to avoid parenthood for a while, with Mulaney even incorporating the topic into his stand-up routines. Tendler tells the magazine, “[I’ve] always prioritised collaboration over having children.” The author Emily Gould of Harper’s Bazaar reports that Tendler has decided to go ahead and have her eggs frozen.

There were possibilities I hadn’t considered before since I knew they led nowhere. “Since it doesn’t seem like such a solid barrier any longer, I think about it quite a bit,” she says. Having set her sights on 2022, Tendler is eager to begin anew. As the quote says, “I feel blessed that I get to be standing on the verge of all these new things, that I get to perhaps experience, and who knows how they will go. “And there’s something fascinating about that,” she says.


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