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Kelley Flanagan Peter Weber Breakup? The Two Talk About What Led to Their Breakup Two Years Later!

What if they turned out to be Ben and Jen from The Bachelor? Peter Weber, a former contestant on “The Bachelor,” and Kelley Flanagan, his ex-girlfriend of almost a year and a half, were spotted together on Wednesday, and rumors are circulating that they may have reconciled.
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Fans at Wrigley Field in Chicago noticed the exes celebrating the Cubs’ victory over the Nationals.

The pilot and the lawyer didn’t seem too bashful about their reunion, as one lucky fan was able to snag a photo with them both. The photos were obtained by “Bachelor” fan account @bachelorteaspill, and show Weber and Flanagan walking closely next to one another around the stadium after the game ended. Before officially breaking up “on very horrible terms,” she added, they dated, broke up, then reconnected around Valentine’s Day.

Why did They Had Broken Up?

kelley flanagan peter weber breakup

Kelley revealed on the most recent episode of the Chicks in the Office podcast, “It ended extremely terribly. I essentially blew off on him.” He texted me, but I didn’t react; then I got some news about which I wasn’t happy; we still had each other on Find My Friends; we were winding things down; we weren’t quite done. She said, “I went off and I basically shouted, ‘Get the hell out of my life’…’ lose my number,'” adding that she felt his remarks were “hollow” and that she and he were just on separate paths.

She had already explained before in the show how she first suspected things weren’t going to work out. “He loves Pokémon cards and video games and going out and partying,” she claimed. “I was trying to convince myself that that was what I liked, and then I was like, ‘Alright, Kelley, let’s be honest with yourself. Does that add up for you?’ Eh, probably not.”

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Where Is Now Pete and Kelley?

kelley flanagan peter weber breakup

Kelley stated that she was “putting forth a lot of effort” to make things work but didn’t feel that her efforts were being acknowledged or returned. After that, she told him she had requested him not to tweet about their split on December 31.

She stated that they sought ABC for advice and were advised to “Do it the day before [the Bachelor premiere in January], drown it out… people will be excited about other things.”

She planned to do it on January 3rd, as she had previously stated, but “he had to do it in 2020.” She has cut all ties with Peter and says she is “nervous” about making the move to New York, Where He Currently Resides. The other day he messaged me and I’m just not receptive. There are a lot of things you hear. This planet is extremely small.

It’s gotten to the point where women in Nashville are stopping me and saying things like, “Haha, my friend hooked up with Peter last week!”

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The Couple’s Breakup Was Due to Familial Problems

kelley flanagan peter weber breakup

A source informed Entertainment Tonight in December that the couple’s breakup was due to familial problems and that the relationship finally collapsed right before they were to make their long-awaited relocation to New York City. According to one insider, “the move was the final straw in some lingering troubles in their relationship; the biggest of which being that they were not on the same page about how they conducted relationships.” Peter’s mother Barb was called a “big difficulty” in their relationship, per the same source.

As the insider put it, “Barb was very involved and anticipated to be a significant focus within Peter and Kelley’s relationship.” Since then, Prewett has gotten engaged to her “swaggy” fiancé Grant Trout, while Sluss has been dating Los Angeles Rams football star partner Jake Funk since early 2021. During the month of February, she witnessed his team’s Super Bowl LVI victory.


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