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Noah and Dixie Break Up? Dixie D’Amelio’s Response to Noah Beck’s Breakup!

It took Dixie D’Amelio and Noah Beck some time to move beyond being just friends, but the TikTok power couple is still going strong after more than a year of dating. After breaking up with fellow TikTok star Griffin Johnson in 2020, D’Amelio was introduced to Beck. That summer, the two began sharing content on social media together, but they didn’t come out as a couple until October 2020, when they were both 19 years old.

Beck elaborated that D’Amelio’s reluctance to go public with their relationship was due to her fear of the public’s reaction to her prior relationship. Beck told PEOPLE, “Dixie and I love one other. We’re just like any other normal teenage relationship.” Many people have said, “Oh, this is just a publicity thing.

” We are just two adolescents madly in love with each other and we couldn’t be happier, but yes, the constant attention and compliments may be exhausting. Here’s the full story of Dixie D’Amelio and Noah Beck’s romance, from their first meeting on TikTok to the heartwarming tributes they’ve received on social media.

Who Are Dixie D’amelio and Noah Beck, Anyway?

noah and dixie break up

Dixie D’amelio, Who Now Has More than 50 Million Followers on Tik Tok, Signed up For the App in 2019 After Seeing Her Sister, Charli D’amelio, Become an Internet Sensation. After Becoming an Internet Phenomenon, D’amelio Obtained a Record Deal with Hit Co Entertainment and Began Her Music Career. The Star Was Recognised in Three Different Award Shows in 2020: The People’s Choice Awards, the I Heart Radio Music Awards, and The MTV Millennial Awards. Twenty-Year-Old Noah Beck Is One of The Most Popular Male Tik Tok Video Creators.

Former Soccer Player Who Launched Tik Tok During the Covid-19 Pandemic and Now Has Over 30 Million Followers. After Skyrocketing to Stardom in The Span of A Month, 20-Year-Old Beck Moved Into the Sway House in June 2020, a Community Home for Tik Tok Teen Content Artists. He Has Been Recognised as One of Tik Tok’s Most Promising New Creators for 2020.

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So, Dixie D’amelio and Noah Beck Broke Up, Right?

noah and dixie break up

After a Shaky Twitter Video of D’amelio and Her Ex-Boyfriend Griffin Johnson Circulated Online, Fans Began to Speculate that The Two Tik Tok Stars Had Broken Up. Even with Johnson’s Hands Over Her Shoulders, Fans of The Couple Would Never Have Guessed They Were at A Party Together After Their Public Breakup in July 2020.

Markell Washington, Beck’s Best Friend and A Guest at The Party Testified that Johnson and D’amelio Exchanged Polite Words and Then Moved On. When Asked About the Breakup Rumours, Beck Tweeted, “you Know I Love You Guys More than Anything, but Let’s Stop Rushing to Conclusions Okay? It’s Not Unfair to Anyone.”

Dixie D’amelio and Noah Beck Began Dating When?

noah and dixie break up

In October of 2020, the Tik Tok Power Couple Made Their Relationship Public. Fans First Began to Speculate About a Love Connection Between the Two as early as August 2020, but The Two Have Consistently Denied Any Such Feelings Exist. After Beck Was Featured in D’amelio’s September 2020 Music Video for “Be Happy,” Rumours Began to Circulate.

On September 25, 2020, the Day Before He Asked D’amelio Out, the Pieces Began to Fall Into Place when Beck Posted a Personal Instagram Snapshot of The Two of Them Together.

Beck Tells Gq, “the Reason I Adore Dixie so Much Is Because She’s My Best Friend, and When We Hang Out, I Simply Feel Like I’m Hanging out With My Friend. but She’s Also… She’s Incredibly Pretty.”

Dixie D’amelio and Noah Beck Go to Coachella on April 16th, 2022.

The Couple, Who Had Spent a Few Months Away From The Spotlight Due to Their Decision to Keep Their Relationship Off Social Media, Reemerged when They Visited Coachella Together. D’amelio and Beck Posted a Number of Tik Toks Throughout the Course of The Weekend, Including One in Which D’amelio’s Sister Charli and Fellow Tik Toker Avani Gregg Also Appear.

Noah Beck Opens up About Skipping Dixie D’amelio’s Birthday Celebration in August of 2022.

D’amelio Took a Trip to Las Vegas to Celebrate Turning 21, but Her Boyfriend Beck Did Not Accompany Her.
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There Were Rumours that The Couple Had Broken up Because of This.

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Their Birthday Celebration

noah and dixie break up

On Twitter on August 11, 2022, Beck Addressed the Reports, Writing, “about Dixie’s Birthday Celebration, Work Has Held Me Back from Joining the Fun in Vegas.” “a lot of The Work that Is Done Behind the Scenes, the Things that Makes All This Other Stuff Possible. as Consumers of Our Content, Please Stop Presuming the Worst Between Us. We Are Both Very Hardworking, and We Recognise that With Becoming or Aspiring to Be Successful, Comes a Lot of Sacrifices.”

And, as Beck Put It, “we Need the Help of Individuals Who Support/love Us to Bring Us up And Not Down.” Towards the End of The Day, He Posted Another Tweet that Read, “it’s Nearly Her Day… Make Her Feel the Love She Deserves.
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” He Also Included a Heart-Shaped Emoji for the hands.


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