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Emiru Breakup? Maya Announced Their Breakup After a Four-Year Relationship!

A former pro-League of Legends player named Dyrus has been dating fellow gamer Emiru since 2016. Due to their endearing antics during live broadcasts, they have become the ultimate ‘couple goal’ among gamers and streamers. Many of their fans, though, were taken aback to find that, come 2020, their favorite gaming duo was on the verge of breaking up.

I Need to Know What Went Down Between Maya and Mizkif.

Emiru Breakup?

Maya and Miz First Crossed Paths in 2019, and By the End of The Year, the Two Had Confirmed the Dating Rumors. However, They Announced Their Breakup in September of 2021. In a Joint Statement, the Two Said, “We Want You All to Know that Maya and I Have Chosen to Part Up. Both of Us Are Adamant that This Choice Was Not Precipitated by Any Scandal, Deceit, or Other Unpleasantness.

They Went on To Express Gratitude for The Audience’s Ongoing Backing Throughout the Last Two Years. Both of Us Agree that These Past Several Years Have Been Among the Very Greatest of Our Life. Maya, a Twitch Streamer, Crieds Over the Mizkif Drama. Maya Went Public with Her Thoughts on Mizkif‘s Move in With Fellow Twitch Broadcaster Emiru Shortly After Their Breakup.

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Confirmed Their Breakup

Emiru Breakup?

Maya Said She Found It Challenging when People Compared Her to Emiru and Added: It’s Difficult Enough to Go Through a Breakup in Public. It’s Already Challenging Enough to Be Replaced in Every Manner but Romance in Less than Two Months.
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It’s Already Tough Enough as It Is without Having Tens of Thousands of People Constantly Draw Parallels Between the Two of You, Right? ” “it’s Exhausting,” She Added. It’s Our Entire Culture, Down to Our Racial Background, Our Interests, Our Interactions with Miz, and Our Own Behaviours. Just Thinking About It Makes Me Tired.

Who Is This Mysterious Emiru?

Emiru Breakup?

The Lady Whom Dyrus Likes Works in The Costume Industry. Emiru.Jpg Is Her Instagram Account Where She Posts Drawings of Various Anime Characters that She Has Created. Video Games Are Another Hobby of Hers.

Eventually, Her High School Boyfriend Forced Her to Choose Between Him and League of Legends, Prompting Her to Quit Their Relationship, as She Revealed in A Tweet on October 17, 2019. She Had to Put the Game Ahead of Him, so She Left.
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An Emiru-Dyran Relationship Timeline

Emiru Breakup?

It’s Been Over Four Years Since the Twitch Casters First Became a Team. Even Though They’d Been Dating Since June, the Gamer only Made the Announcement of His Fiancée on December 2, 2016, by Posting a Picture of The Two of Them Together on Instagram.

They’ve Been Together Ever Since and Helped Each Other Grow and Develop Throughout the Years.

as Streamers, They Frequently Collaborate on Games and Promote One Another’s Channels.

as An Added Bonus, They Are Not Bashful About Posting Photos of Each Other Online. to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2017, Emiru, for Instance, Took to Twitter to Share Some Stunning Photos of Herself and Dyrus. She Included a Heartfelt Note with The Images in Which She Thanked Him for His Undying Love and Support.

On June 21, 2019, the Former League of Legends Player Released an Animated Animation of The Couple Kissing, Marking the Third Year of Their Relationship. He Tagged Her and Said They’d Been Together for Three Years in The Description. Since the Post, Dyrus Has Been Silent on The Subject of His Romance. the fact that He Has Not Deleted Any of His Posts including his girlfriend, however, suggests that they are still together.


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