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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
HomenewsJersey City is Considering Requiring Builders to Foot the Bill for Eviction...

Jersey City is Considering Requiring Builders to Foot the Bill for Eviction Defense

Jersey City officials have proposed that renters facing eviction be provided with free legal assistance, funded by local property developers.

A fee on the market-rate residential development of 1.5% of a project’s assessed value would be used to pay the right-counsel-measure.

New Jersey law currently requires a 2.5 percent charge from any commercial development. Union City and Hoboken, both within the state’s borders, have approved a residential version.

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Eighty percent of the fees would go to the city’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund, which can be used for things like repair programs for landlords, emergency rental assistance, and the building of affordable homes.

Tenants whose income is up to 80% of the area median would be able to afford legal assistance with the remaining 20%.

To pay legal representation for 1,500 residents and legal consultation for any additional residents facing eviction, city authorities estimate that the fees may produce $4 million yearly for right-to-counsel.

The bill’s proponent, Council member James Solomon, explained that the tax would begin at 0.5 percent in July 2023 and climb to 1.5 percent in July 2025, but that it would not apply to active construction projects.

Solomon deemed “overblown” claims that the fee would impede building efforts. He said that while the city should continue to construct new homes, it should also do what it can to safeguard its current population.

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He emphasized that Jersey cannot address the housing shortage in the region on itself alone. It’s up to us to do what we can.

Jersey City has allowed more new homes to be built per resident than New York City has in the preceding ten years. In New Jersey, tenants have been protected from “unconscionable” rent hikes by law since 1974, although the term has never been defined under the state’s good cause eviction statute.

This plan comes as campaigners in New York are trying to get the state to fund a statewide right-to-counsel program at the rate of $500 million per year.

Tenants who are represented by lawyers in housing court have a higher chance of avoiding eviction, according to studies. According to a city study, for the fiscal year 2021, 74% of renters who appeared in housing court had legal representation under the right-to-counsel program, and 84% of those residents remained in their houses.

However, City Limits reports that the program has faced difficulties, such as a lack of attorneys willing to take on eviction cases, since its 2017 zip code pilot and projected 2021 citywide expansion.

Nevertheless, the mayor’s proposed budget does not include any new money for right-to-counsel despite the City Council’s decision this year to provide free legal representation to New Yorkers aged 60 or older.

Although this only addresses a “fraction of the need” and “would not provide improved capacity to take on more housing cases,” the Council has urged Mayor Eric Adams to include $195 million from the city’s modified revenue estimates.

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Supporters of the plan in Jersey City believe that the development charge will allow the city to avoid some of the expense problems experienced by their counterparts across the Hudson.

Democratic Socialists of America-backed coalition member Julia Tache said her organization is seeking to ensure that all renters, regardless of means, have access to legal representation in the event of an eviction.

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