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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
HomenewsNew York City Buildings Used to Be Illuminated With Crosses on Good...

New York City Buildings Used to Be Illuminated With Crosses on Good Friday to Symbolize That the Country Was Religious

Religious leaders and regular Americans are astonished by a 1956 Good Friday outpouring of Christian faith that lit up New York City skyscrapers and resurfaced on social media this week.

“It’s a pretty strong visual,” North Carolina’s McFarland Ministries CEO Alex McFarland told Fox News Digital.

“I was inspired to think of that period when publicly and culturally we were not ashamed to acknowledge God and Jesus Christ.”

Three Wall Street skyscrapers with dazzling crosses are illuminated by lights inside to contrast with the blackness of unlit rooms and the night sky.

150-foot crosses.

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The three towers with crosses depict Jesus crucified on Calvary on Good Friday with two robbers, one of whom mocks the Savior and the other who repents and seeks to be taken into the Kingdom of Christ, according to Luke.

Christianity’s central moment and image.

Politicians, pop culture, education, and academics are attacking the nation’s founding ideals.

New York City publicly commemorated Jesus’ Calvary death 65 years ago. Clearly, the nation has changed for the worse “Cincinnati American Heritage Girls founder Patti Garibay told Fox News Digital.

She described the cross-adorned skyscrapers as “otherworldly.”

The Wall Street Journal reported last month that 39% of Americans consider their religious religion very important, down from 62% in 1998.

Family dissolution has followed the nation’s abandonment of Judeo-Christian ideals.

Federal data shows 5% of U.S. children lived in single-parent families in 1950.

It’s 38% for non-immigrant households and 50% in some states.

Family breakup causes crime, poverty, and educational failures.

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“Evil is turmoil, instability, and uncertainty,” Rabbi Kirt Schneider of Ohio, author of “Messianic Prophecy Today” and host of “Discovering the Jewish Jesus,” told Fox News Digital.

“Everything’s compromised. Everyone feels their morality is more compassionate than God’s.”

He used the “gender-fluid” movement to illustrate his idea that people are so lost without core principles that they can no longer accept gender as created by God and determined by science.

Chaos fills the void “he said.

Rabbi Schneider said he was immediately concerned upon seeing the overt displays of the Christian religion in the images of New York City skyscrapers and understands why others could have felt the same in 1956.

The rabbi remarked, “The image might have resonated in the hearts of many Jewish people because they had been persecuted over the years” by Christians.

But the 1956 image shows how society has swung crazily the other way, rejecting and insulting faith in God.

“People have moved away from God’s word,” remarked the rabbi. “They no longer want to stand on our country’s foundation.”

United Press Telephoto sent a photo of the nation’s financial center’s skyscrapers to newspapers nationwide, typically on the top page.

Fr. Jeffrey Kirby, the pastor of Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church in Indian Land, South Carolina, told Fox News Digital that American society formerly accepted religious faith and public expression.

“But, arrogant secularism has stolen this part of our humanity. Religion is aggressively discouraged.”

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McFarland said, “Christians established our nation. Christian DNA underpins our Constitution, Bill of Rights, global human rights advocacy, and trust in human rights.”


McFarland added, “To keep America free, safe, affluent, and stable, we must honor our fundamentals. No matter what, Christianity was the cornerstone.”

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