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It’s Not Uncommon for Flights to Be Cancelled Out of a New Jersey Airport, Which Ranks Among the Worst in the United States.

Newark Liberty is among the worst airports in the country, despite the Port Authority’s best efforts to divert attention to its shiny new terminal (which is still not fully completed).

According to the most current study conducted by InsureMyTrip, Newark International Airport has the second-worst cancellation rate of any airport in the United States.

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If there is one airport that is worse than Newark, it is LaGuardia.

How the research was conducted: The number of flight cancellations experienced by each airport was used to determine rankings.

Also, the airports on the list have claimed that they would have 10,000 or more flights scheduled in 2022. (year to date). Both InsureMyTrip and the DOT’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics are used as references (BTS). Major domestic airlines’ punctuality rates are monitored by BTS.

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Only LaGuardia (6.42%) has a higher cancellation rate than Newark (6.36%), while JFK (5th) and Philadelphia (#28) are lower.
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According to data for 2022, New York’s LaGuardia Airport has a 6.42 percent higher cancellation rate than any other airport in the United States. Increased from 2.15% in 2021.

When it comes to the percentage of cancellations, East Coast airports dominate the top 10.

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In 2022, just eight airports (DFW, MEM, MDW, MYR, MSY, HOU, SAT, RNO) saw a decrease in their cancellation rate.

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Hawaiian airports have a history of having few flight delays or cancellations. In 2022, KOA, OGG, and HNL airports in that state will have the fewest number of canceled flights.


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