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Is Roxy Sternberg Pregnant? Was Roxy Sternberg’s Pregnancy Concealed in “Most Wanted”?

Without a question, FBI: Most Wanted may become a little intense. The series has featured kidnapping, horse-napping (is this a thing? ), and a deadly mall shooting during the course of the previous season alone.
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That’s why the news that Roxy Sternberg (Sheryll Barnes) leaked on Twitter in December 2021 was so gratifying because our blood pressure couldn’t handle much more of it. In April 2022, Roxy made her pregnancy and impending birth public.
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FBI: Most Wanted chose to keep Roxy on the show despite the fact that in the past, pregnancy has been a reason to kill off a character. So how did they manage to keep the cameras off of her expanding uterus? Let’s investigate!

Is Roxy Sternberg Pregnant?

Is Roxy Sternberg Pregnant?

Roxy Sternberg, who is due in a matter of months with her “Little buddy,” deserves our heartfelt congrats. In any case, the fact that she’s expecting in April probably means that Barnes and the rest of the squad on FBI: Most Wanted will be seeing some sort of shakeup soon. Most Wanted is not going to include her pregnancy because she is always willing to rush into danger to save others.

Barnes and his wife are doing well after the recent birth of their son. Barnes may not appear as frequently until Season 4 or so unless the show begins using a double for the character. What will happen with Barnes’ tale for the rest of Season 3 on FBI: Most Wanted? If Barnes is taking time off to spend with her newborn kid, daughter, and wife, I would be delighted for her, but things rarely stay that good for that long on this show.

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While in Season 2 Before Bringing Actress?

Is Roxy Sternberg Pregnant?

Barnes may simply have some business to attend to off-screen for a bit; after all, Most Wanted merely waved goodbye to Hana for a while in Season 2 before bringing actress Keisha Castle-Hughes back in Season 3 to reprise her role. It’s also possible that she’ll be assigned to desk duties for the next few months. FBI Director James Comey even found a method to compensate for Missy Peregrym’s maternity leave by sending Maggie undercover.

Most Wanted could easily accommodate less Barnes for a spell without making it impossible to bring back Roxy Sternberg if she hasn’t already departed the show. Due to its massive popularity on CBS and its place in the wildly successful block of Dick Wolf episodes airing across both networks, the renewal of FBI: Most Wanted for the fourth season seems all but assured.

Sheryll Barnes Had yet Another Transformation in Season 4

Time will tell if FBI: Most Wanted was able to keep Barnes as invested as ever in the series. Gaines blended in well with the club, so there are plenty of feet on the ground even if Barnes has to sit on the bench for a bit. New episodes of FBI: Most Wanted (opens in new tab) air every Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on CBS (opens in new tab), just after FBI: International (which is providing more context for a character) at 9 p.m. and before FBI at 8 p.m. in the network’s winter TV schedule.

Sheryll Barnes had yet another transformation in season 4 of ‘FBI: Most Wanted. An exhilarating new chapter in Roxy’s life was marred by a terrible loss in the third season. Jess Lacroix (Julian McMahon), her FBI colleague, was killed by his abusive wife in the hospital parking lot in the season three finale.

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Sheryll Was Deeply Impacted by Jess’s Passing?

Is Roxy Sternberg Pregnant?

Sheryll was deeply impacted by Jess’s passing. When they were locked in the mall together during the shooting, they made a pact to look out for one other’s families in the event of a tragedy. The death of Jess was a tragic setback for FBI: Most Wanted, but it created an opportunity for Roxy to take time off for her upcoming pregnancy. Following the birth of her wife, Sheryll went to Special Agent in Charge Isobel Castille (Alana De La Garza) to request maternity leave in Season 4, Episode 16 (“Decriminalized”).

Isobel agreed with the choice, but Sheryll revealed there was more to her extended absence than first met the eye. It was revealed in the episode that Sheryll lied about the true motivation behind her request for time off. Death of Jesus. It gave me the chills. Even if it’s only for a few months, I don’t want to spend the next two decades regretting prioritizing work over my family. Our time here on Earth is limited. “You just never know how much time you have.”

After taking some time off, Sheryll (together with Roxy) came back to FBI: Most Wanted for Season 4. But as Sheryll continues to mourn the loss of Jess, she and her new partner Remy Scott (Dylan McDermott) are at odds with each other. We can only hope that the couples will finally get together before the season is through.


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