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Is Route 9 in Lakewood, New Jersey, the Most Congested in All of Ocean County?

When I consider the worst traffic spots in Ocean County, several come to mind. I also know that those of you reading this at home will disagree.

The number of cars on the roads in Ocean County has steadily increased during our time here.

When we originally moved into our subdivision in Southern Ocean County, the roads were dirt. Since the location only consisted of back roads through the forest, traffic was not an issue, which was hilarious.
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It was really peaceful, but as is the case in many other locations, growth has brought increased traffic.

So, here is my list of the busiest roads in Ocean County, as I see them in 2022.

Locations along Routes 70/88 between Brick and Point Pleasant
Taking Route 9 through Berkeley and Lacey, Route 37 connects Toms River with the rest of the county.
Brick, Brick Boulevard/Hooper Avenue in Toms River, and Route 72 in Manahawkin.

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From north of Toms River, through Lakewood, and into Howell in neighboring Monmouth County, I-95 is where you’ll find the worst traffic in Ocean County. It’s like driving in a city on this stretch of Route 9.

Keep in mind that Lakewood is the fifth most populated municipality in the State of New Jersey.

There are a lot of people on this stretch of Route 9, including drivers, passengers, and bicyclists.
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The stretch of Route 9 through Lakewood has a little bit of everything.

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Tell me, where do you think you’ll find the highest volume of traffic on all of Ocean County’s roads? To what extent do you believe that Route 9, which runs from Toms River to Howell, is the busiest road in the area?

It was only later that I made it through Lakewood, yet I’ve been through Manhattan more often than Lakewood.

Post your thoughts on which street you think is the busiest.


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