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New Jersey’s Toms River a Bomb Threat Forced the Closure of a Mcdonald’s.

TOMS RIVER — This is A man who was reportedly experiencing “emotional turmoil” who told employees at a McDonald’s restaurant on Hooper Avenue that his rucksack was going to blow up, prompting the employees to leave the building.

According to the Toms River police, police units were sent to a fast food restaurant just before 1:30 p.m. for the purpose of conducting a wellness check on a man in his 50s who was reportedly experiencing emotional distress.

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The occupants of the building were asked to leave as a precautionary measure. Before allowing any customers or employees back inside the facility, the man suspect was held while K9 cops searched the rucksack and the premises using their sniffer dogs.

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According to the police, it was discovered that the suspect did not have any bombs concealed in his backpack.

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He was taken into custody and charged with faking a public alarm, in addition to being booked on an outstanding warrant.


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