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Is Queen Latifah Pregnant? As Queen Latifah Fights Cancer, She Is Expecting a Child!

On Sunday night at the BET Awards 2021, Queen Latifah earned a Lifetime Achievement Award while proudly celebrating Pride Month. During her acceptance speech, the normally quiet actress and rapper mentioned her reported longtime lover and their baby. “My dearest Eboni. Controversial, sweetheart, “She finished by mentioning Eboni Nichols and their alleged 2019 son.

I wish you a joyous Pride! So said the end of Latifah’s speech. When reached for comment, Latifah’s representatives did not immediately react. Zoe Saldana, who is currently pregnant, has admitted that, as a child, she strongly disliked anything considered “girly.” The actress revealed her favorite Halloween costumes as a child during her visit to The Queen Latifah Show today and opened up a bit about her background.

Saldana Announced Her Pregnancy

is queen latifah pregnant

Saldana announced her pregnancy with twin boys by saying, “Every year I was a ninja.” She is expecting the children with her husband Margo Perego. “My younger sibling looked like a lovable little bug. She transformed into a different insect every year. My mother would have a great time seeing my older sister as Cleopatra, Nefertiti, or the rocker chick. The question is posed, “So, Zoe, what do you want to be?” One who trains to become a ninja.

It wasn’t really fun. However, I realize now that I was probably always… I’m not sure, I was quite short. To put it simply, I enjoyed the company of male peers. When I was younger, I did everything the right way—the healthy way.
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” She made a lighthearted remark, “A PG-13 approach, for crying out loud. Now it goes like this [gestures at growing belly].

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She Is Announced About Their Pregnancy on Social Media?

is queen latifah pregnant

“But I’ve always been one to take risks. And everything that made you feel too girly, like “don’t get up because you have this gorgeous outfit.” As well as, “I don’t want you to ruin the outfit.” At times, I remember giving my mom the “come on now” look. Putting me in a frock and telling me I can’t play with the kids at a child’s birthday party seems pointless. Are you out of your mind? I’d ditch the dress, hand it to my mum, and then go play in my underwear.”

LOL! In a less comedic turn of events, Zoe admitted that she had been bullied as a child, but that she had ultimately triumphed over it with her mother’s support. “I found it quite challenging. Just because I’m completely in awe of female anatomy. When I was younger, I stopped making an effort to make female acquaintances for a while. Because females tend to be a bit harsh on one another at times.

What Is Explained?

And for some reason, which escapes me, rather than coming together, we tend to pick each other apart. Very, very challenging. My mother was always there for us, as I recall “…
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she explained. “She preferred to have a conversation to figure things out. It was rare that she lifted us up by bringing someone else down. See, she would try to explain that nobody bullies when they’re happy, or that there must be something wrong in their lives.

“That individual who is picking on you is probably the glumdest one in the vicinity. They’re so miserable he had to intervene and other a third party. Now that you have this information, you can see that the bully has a very low opinion of himself and a lack of confidence.” For more, Zoe said “Realizing this about a bully puts you miles ahead of them. And you keep company only with those who raise your self-esteem.

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What Is Something Wrong?

is queen latifah pregnant

But the one person that has to feel good about yourself is you. It’s something you have to become used to doing. It’s not easy. Seriously, you wake up and now you’re trying to pull this crap on me? We tried on every size and it didn’t work. As I examine my reflection, I realize.

So, what are your plans moving forward? A garment is donned. The “I am gorgeous” routine is something you regularly engage in. I’ll just introduce myself. If you’re looking for the best possible outcome, this is it.”As an added bonus, check out the video to find out what Queen Latifah presented to Zoe in preparation for the arrival of her twin sons.


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