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15 Ramen Hacks: Simple Methods for Improved Instant Noodles!

Honestly, I didn’t plan on posting these chili garlic ramen noodles here; I thought they’d be better suited to Instagram’s stop-the-scroll-down-reels feature. But after over a million views (and countless glowing reviews), I realized that this tasty “non-recipe” meal is too amazing not to offer here as well. It’s as easy as it sounds and it’s quite delicious, providing varying degrees of heat and a crazy rush of umami flavors.

For this recipe, I used Nongshim’s traditional Ramyun (Korean-style instant noodles), but feel free to substitute your preferred brand. The beauty of this quick ramen hack is that it can be easily modified to suit your preferences; for example, feel free to experiment with different versions of the star component, the chili garlic sauce.

1. The Fake Pho.

15 Ramen Hacks: Simple Methods for Improved Instant Noodles!

Noodles should be prepared in accordance with package guidelines, except that just half of the spice packet should be used. The broth needs the juice of one lime, one tablespoon of sugar, two teaspoons of fish sauce, and a generous pinch of pepper flakes (if desired).

One to two ounces of thinly sliced flank steak (it will cook in the broth), a handful of bean sprouts, and a sprinkling of mixed herbs are added to a serving bowl (basil, cilantro, mint, as desired).

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2. Supplemental Elements Can Be Added Easily.

15 Ramen Hacks: Simple Methods for Improved Instant Noodles!

Add Some Miso Paste, Chili Bean Sauce, Thai Curry Paste, Japanese Curry Powder, Fish Sauce, or Vinegar to Your Cup of Ramen for An Instant Taste Boost. Remove Roughly Half of The Seasoning Packet if Using a Salty Condiment.

Spices (white Pepper, Sichuan Pepper, and Chili Flakes Are All Excellent Options), Oils (sesame Oil and Chile Oil Are Both Delicious), and Citrus Zest Are Other Welcome Additions (lemon or Lime). Or, of course, Anything Else that Strikes Your Fancy.

3. A Quick Snack.

15 Ramen Hacks: Simple Methods for Improved Instant Noodles!

A Lack of Hot Water Prevents You from Making a Boil. All You Have to Do Is Tear Off a Corner of The Bag, Add the Spice Packet, Hold the Torn Corner and Mix It All Up, and Then Eat. After This, You’ll Want to Lick Your Fingers Clean. It Tastes Just Like Cheetos, but You Won’t Get Orange Fingertips from Eating Them.

4. Plain Eggs.

15 Ramen Hacks: Simple Methods for Improved Instant Noodles!

One of The Most Adaptable Ingredients Is an Egg. the Eggs Can Be Added to The Cold Water Ahead of Time to Make the Cooking Process Easier. Put the Noodles in The Water Once the Water Has Come to A Boil and Continued Boiling for A Minute or Two. if You Time It Exactly So, the Noodles Will Be Done when The Eggs Are Hard (or Soft) Boiled.

Alternatively, Once the Noodles Are Cooked, You Can Remove Them from The Pan and Gently Place an Egg in The Middle. Before Adding the Spice and Serving, Let the Egg Cook for Two Minutes Under Cover. Add the Semi-Liquid Egg Yolk to The Broth and Stir to Combine.

5. Straightforward Veggies.

15 Ramen Hacks: Simple Methods for Improved Instant Noodles!

Baby Spinach, Sliced Cabbage, and Frozen Peas Are All Examples of Fast-Cooking Veggies that Can Be Added to The Noodles After They Have Been Removed From The Fire. Broccoli, Cauliflower, and Thick Snap Peas Can Be Added to The Boiling Water 2 Minutes Before It Is Finished.

6. Simple Meat that Has Been Slowly Cooked.

15 Ramen Hacks: Simple Methods for Improved Instant Noodles!

Meats that Have Been Thinly Sliced Can Be Cooked Instantly in The Saucepan. Delicious Options Include Chicken Breast, Pork Tenderloin, and Flank Steak. While the Noodles Are Cooking, I Remove the Meat One at A Time and Swish It in The Boiling Broth until Cooked.

I Then Remove the Meat, Set It Away, and Add It Back on Top Just Before Serving. Ham, Bacon, and Other Cured Meats, as well as Cooked Meats Like Chicken, Steak, and Hot Dogs, Are All Terrific Options.

7. Napa Cabbage and Bacon.

15 Ramen Hacks: Simple Methods for Improved Instant Noodles!

A Basic Dish Consisting of Meat and Vegetables. Two Minutes Before the Noodles Are Done, Add Two Slices of Bacon Cut Into 2-Inch Strips and A Couple of Ounces of Sliced Napa Cabbage to The Pot.

We All Know that The Bacon Will Be the First Thing to Disappear from The Bowl, but Fear Not: Just Like the Delicious Purple Milk Left Behind by The Marshmallows in A Bowl of Lucky Charms, the Smokey Richness of The Bacon Will Linger and Make the Remaining Broth Taste Even Better.

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8. Beef with Snap Peas in A Stir-Fry.

15 Ramen Hacks: Simple Methods for Improved Instant Noodles!

Simmer the Noodles until They Break Apart (don’t Overcook Them!) and Toss with A Quarter Pound of Thinly Sliced Flank Meat and Half of The Seasoning Packet. Noodles Should Be Drained and Left Aside. Put a Tablespoon of Oil in A Big Skillet or Wok and Heat It Over High Heat until It Smokes. Once the Beef Is Added, Leave It Alone for Approximately a Minute so It Can Get Nicely Browned.

Turn the Meat Over and Over. One Minute Into the Stir-Frying Process, Add a Quarter Pound of Snap Peas. Toss in The Remaining Seasoning Packet, a Tablespoon of Oil, the Noodles, a Couple of Tablespoons of Oyster Sauce, and A Pinch of Sugar. Mix until Evenly Coated, Then Serve! if You Really Want to Wow People, Sprinkle on Some Sliced Scallions.

9. Mahalo, Ramen!

15 Ramen Hacks: Simple Methods for Improved Instant Noodles!

Although I Doubt Many Locals in Hawaii Would Try It, I Think This Dish Is Fantastic: Salty Slices of Pan-Fried Spam, Sweet Pineapple Chunks (either Fresh or Canned), a Flawlessly Fried Sunny-Side Egg (cooked in The Same Pan as The Spam),

and A Liberal Squirt of Japanese-Style Barbeque Sauce. Look for The Bottle with The Bulldog on It at Asian Markets, or Whip up A Batch at Home by Combining 1 Tablespoon of Soy Sauce, 1 Tablespoon of Worcestershire Sauce, and 1/2 Cup of Ketchup. Saying “e Ai Ka-Kou!”

10. Tom Kha Goong.

15 Ramen Hacks: Simple Methods for Improved Instant Noodles!


Using Instant Noodles as A Base, You Can Whip up A Batch of Spicy, Sweet and Sour, Coconut-Scented Tom Kha Goong in No Time. Noodles Should Be Boiled, Drained, and Then Tossed in A Mixture of Two Cups of Coconut Milk, Fish Sauce, Sugar, and Thai Curry Paste to Taste (if You Want to Simplify Things, Add only Half of The Seasoning Pack).

if You Don’t Have Curry Paste on Hand, Normal Sriracha Will Do in A Pinch. Garnish with Chopped Cilantro and Lime Wedges for Squeezing. for A Quick and Easy Upgrade, Add Some Chicken Strips or Peeled Shrimp to The Simmering Noodles in The Final Minutes of Cooking.

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11. Chilled Ramen Noodle Salad with Peanuts and Coconut.

15 Ramen Hacks: Simple Methods for Improved Instant Noodles!

Somewhere in The Between of A Cold Sesame Noodle Salad and A Thai Peanut Dipping Sauce. This Polished Cover Barely Resembles Its Hokey Inspiration. First, Cook the Noodles as Indicated, Then Drain and Re-Hydrate Them in Cold Water.


Meanwhile, Combine Some Chunky Peanut Butter with Half of The Seasoning Packet, Some Soy Sauce, and Some Chili-Garlic Sauce (yes, Sriracha Will Work Well), Mixing Well. Toss the Noodles with The Sauce, Along with The Chopped Cilantro, Peanuts, and Unsweetened Coconut Flakes. Be Generous with The Coating, Serve Right Away, and Prepare to Be Showered with Compliments.

12. A Bowl of Sweet and Sour Ramen.

15 Ramen Hacks: Simple Methods for Improved Instant Noodles!

It Looks Ridiculous, Tastes Delicious, and Is Primarily Comprised of Ketchup. Toss the Ramen into Boiling Water until They Get Brittle, Drain, and Set Aside. Bell Pepper and Spam (or Pork or Chicken, if You Like) Can Be Stir-Fried in A Heated Tablespoon of Oil in A Wok or Skillet until The Pepper Is Tender and The Spam Is Cooked Through. Throw in Half a Cup of Ketchup, a Splash of Pineapple Juice, and Some Chili-Garlic Sauce, if You Like. Mix It with The Ramen and Pass the Irony on The Side.

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13. The Pad Thai.

15 Ramen Hacks: Simple Methods for Improved Instant Noodles!


The Authentic Version of Pad Thai Is Not Easy. the Rice Noodles Go from Raw to Overdone in A Flash. when Making Pad Thai from Ramen, It’s Much Simpler to Satisfy People Because They Don’t Know What to Expect. Add Some Peeled Shrimp to The Pot with Your Noodles in The Final Minutes of Cooking Time. Take the Pan Off the Heat and Slowly Add One Egg that Has Been Lightly Beaten. Dump the Contents of The Pot Into a Big Basin After Draining. Put in Half the Seasoning Packet, Some Fish Sauce, Lime Juice, Crushed Peanuts, Scallions, Bean Sprouts, and Tamarind Paste if You Want to Be Authentic (i Don’t Use It Because the Lime Juice Gives It Enough Sourness). when You Put a Thai Twist on Your Ramen, No One Will Recognise It.

14. Chili Cheese Ramen.

15 Ramen Hacks: Simple Methods for Improved Instant Noodles!

This Is the Natural First Step Into the World of Fusion Ramen. to Prepare Cincinnati-Style Noodles, One Need only Cook Them, Drain Them, and Then Spoon a Heaping Helping of Chilli Over the Top. Here I’ve Used a Gloopy Cheese Sauce, but If You Want to Be Truly Authentic, You May Use Shredded Cheese Instead. You Can Make It Five Ways to Sunday by Including Onions and Beans.

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15.Routine (Ramen Poutine).

15 Ramen Hacks: Simple Methods for Improved Instant Noodles!


I’m Aware that Authentic Poutine Is Prepared with Cheese Curd and Not Shredded Cheese, so Please Don’t Call the Mounties on Me Just Yet. Okay, so It’s a Ramen Hack, but Still. to Get Your Ramen Extra Crispy, Crunch Them up In the Bag First, Then Transfer Them to A Pan with Some Oil. Make Sure Everything Becomes Nice and Golden by Tossing and Swirling It Over Medium Heat. Add Some Gravy and Cheese on Top and Broil in A Toaster Oven until The Cheese Is Melted. Take a Fork and Dig In. Additionally Beer.


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