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Bathroom Cleaning Hacks: 10 Must-Know Techniques for Lightning-Fast Shine!

The great bathroom cleaning techniques here are ideal when you know how to clean a bathroom correctly but want to take the easy road on the odd job.

We’ll be offering some amazing bathroom cleaning products that our staff has tried out, as well as some quick and natural ways to spruce up your space.

These have been tried and tested, and are the best ones available (yeah, we all watch A LOT of Mrs. Hinch’s Instagram stories).

1. Use Shaving Foam to Clean and De-Mist the Mirrors.

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks: 10 Must-Know Techniques for Lightning-Fast Shine!

Yes, You Read that Right. to Prevent Mirror Fogging in A Hot Bathroom, Clean It with Shaving Foam Before Using. You Can Have a Steam-Free Mirror for Around Two to Three Weeks After Spraying It on And Wiping It Down with Kitchen Roll (or until It Gets Splashed Again). Explore Our Buyer’s Guide for A Selection of Top-Notch Mirrors for Your Bathroom.

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2. Use Tea or Oil to Make the Shower Screen Glisten.

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks: 10 Must-Know Techniques for Lightning-Fast Shine!

You’re Off to A Good Start if You Know How To Clean the Glass Shower Doors, but Don’t Forget the Tea! You Can Use Windolene(opens in New Tab) to Get Your Shower Screen Sparkling Clean, but If You Prefer a More Natural Approach, All You Need to Do Is Soak a Lint-Free Cloth in Black Tea, Wipe It on The Door, and Then Buff It To A Shine. You May Also Use Cooking Oil Spray, Let It Sit for Ten Minutes, Then Wash It Off with Soapy Water and Buff to A Sheen. the Two Are Equally Effective in Removing Stubborn Deposits of Dirt and Limescale.
After That, Invest in A Squeegee (opens in New Tab). Put It to Use on The Screen After Every Single Shower; Doing so Will Take No More than 10 Seconds but Will Prevent the Buildup of Filth and Limescale. Hurrah! You Can Learn Everything You Need to Know About Shower Cleaning by Reading Our Comprehensive Guide.

3. Use Vinegar to Quickly Clean and Polish Windows.

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks: 10 Must-Know Techniques for Lightning-Fast Shine!


Using a Spray Bottle, Combine Equal Amounts of White Vinegar, Rubbing Alcohol(opens in New Tab) (you Want to Look for A 70% Concentration), and Water. This Solution Can Be Used to Clean Glass in The Bathroom, Including the Shower Screen and Mirror. If You Want Streak-Free Results While Cleaning Windows with Vinegar, It’s Ideal to Do so On a Cool Day When The Sun Isn’t Directly Hitting the Glass and To Buff with A Microfiber Cloth.

Since No One Enjoys Relaxing with The Smell of Vinegar in The Air, We Advise Doing This Well in Advance of Taking that Spa Bath, Preferably with The Windows Open to Hasten the Process. This Clever Cleaning Method Can Also Be Used on Your Shower’s Glass Door.

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4. How to Naturally Prevent and Remove Mildew from Shower Curtains.

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks: 10 Must-Know Techniques for Lightning-Fast Shine!

You Can Prevent the Growth of Mould and Mildew on Your Shower Curtain by Letting It Dry Completely After Each Use, but If Your Bathroom Has Condensation Problems, to Begin With, This May Be Difficult to Accomplish. if You Can’t Do That, at Least Wash It Once a Week with Your Towels and Give It Plenty of Time to Dry.

Let Us Help You Avoid Buying a New One if The Mould Has Spread Too Far. Put Your Laundry Through a 30°c Wash with Half a Cup of Bicarbonate of Soda Added to The Detergent, and Then Add Half a Cup of White Vinegar to The Rinse Water. Please Let It Dry Completely. Shower Curtains and Liners Often Need a Good, Thorough Cleaning. You May Learn the Right Way to Clean a Shower Curtain by Following These Steps.

5. Use Vinegar and Bicarbonate of Soda to Clean the Toilet.

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks: 10 Must-Know Techniques for Lightning-Fast Shine!

We’re Always on The Lookout for New Methods to Keep Our Bathrooms Fresh and Clean, and If You’re the Same Way, Here’s a Tip that Works Just as Well as Any Commercial Toilet Cleaner: Use a Mixture of Bicarbonate of Soda and White Vinegar in Equal Amounts, and Then Pour It Into and Around the Toilet, Scrubbing It in With a Toilet Brush to Get Into the Crevices Under the Rim.

Don’t Flush the Toilet for At Least 15 Minutes After Leaving It Unattended with A Good Scrubbing. Use a Regular Schedule to Keep the Bathroom Shining. Having a Pack of Wipes on Hand to Rapidly Clean the Toilet After Every Messy Use May Reduce Odours, Especially if You Have Young Boys (and Maybe Older Ones, Too).

a Wipe Wrapped Around a Screwdriver Can Be Used to Reach the Space Between the Toilet’s Base and Tank for A More Thorough Cleaning. Wipes, Including Those Labelled “flushable,” Should Not Be Flushed Because They Have Been Proved to Clog Drains.

6. Repair the Sink to Look New.

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks: 10 Must-Know Techniques for Lightning-Fast Shine!

If You Give Your Porcelain Sink a Quick Scrub Once a Week, It Will Take Care of Itself; However, if It Has Been Stained Over Time, Nothing Will Do the Trick Like Barkeeper’s Friend (opens in New Tab). See Our Instructions on How to Clean a Bathroom Sink Without Harsh Chemicals.

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7. Use Indigestion Tablets to Unclog a Slow Drain.

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks: 10 Must-Know Techniques for Lightning-Fast Shine!

Is Your Sink Taking Too Long to Drain? Inevitably, Hair Buildup Causes Clogs, and A Drain Snake May Be Required to Remove the Clog (opens in New Tab). Four Effervescent Indigestion Tablets and A Cup of Distilled Vinegar May Not Work, but They Might Clear It if You Think Toothpaste,

Razor Blades, or Soap Are to Blame for The Clog. After Waiting 10 Minutes, Add Hot Water from A Kettle. if So, That Will Solve the Problem. Is the Drain in The Bathroom Sink Clogged as Well? if Your Shower Drain Is Clogged, Use This Quick and Easy Way to Clearing It Out.

8. Brighten up The Shower Heads.

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks: 10 Must-Know Techniques for Lightning-Fast Shine!

Limescale Deposits Quickly Clog and Dull Shower Heads, Particularly in Hard Water Regions (a Clue Could Be that Water Doesn’t Come out Of Every Jet, Comes out In Odd Directions, Or, if The Shower Hasn’t Been Used for A Prolonged Period, Doesn’t Come out At All, Then Explodes Off the Fitting (true Story, as Experienced by A Member of The Realhomes.Com Team).

Does Anyone Know of A Quick and Easy Way to Disinfect a Shower Head? Take It out And Cover It with Distilled Vinegar in A Plastic Bag (a Sandwich Bag Works Well) or A Dish. how Encrusted Is that Shower Head? Put in A Dash of Baking Soda, Too.

if The Shower Head Is Permanent or Cannot Be Removed, an Elastic Bag Can Be Used to Seal Off the Top of The Bag and Mask Its Odour. After an Hour, Take It out And Start the Shower. the Water Pressure Should Be Back to Normal, and The Shower Head Will Shine Like New.


9. Sparkle Your Taps with Lemon.

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks: 10 Must-Know Techniques for Lightning-Fast Shine!

In Order to Restore the Shine to Faucets that Have Become Dulled by Water Spots, Rub Them with The Cut Half of A Lemon and Then Polish Them. Wet an Old Toothbrush with Water,

Then Sprinkle Bicarbonate of Soda Straight onto The Bristles, Cleaning the Problem Areas; Leave on For 10 Minutes, Then Rinse and Buff. Put Simply. These Tips Aren’t Just for The Kitchen Sink; They’ll Work on Any Chrome Fixtures You Have.

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10. Sanitize the Bathtub… with Grapefruit.

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks: 10 Must-Know Techniques for Lightning-Fast Shine!



We’re All Familiar with The Idea of Using an Exfoliant on Our Bodies or Faces when Taking a Bath, but Have You Ever Heard of Using One on Your Fixtures, or More Crucially, on Your Bathtub, Before Cleaning It? Use This Method if Your Tub Is Particularly Grimy:

Cut a Grapefruit in Half (any Citrus Fruit Will Do, but The Size of A Grapefruit Makes It a good choice), sprinkle the cut half and the bottom of the tub with salt, fill the tub with water, and scrub with the grapefruit. You may get a sparkling finish and a fresh bathroom scent by giving everything a good rinse.


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