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HomenewsIn the Wake of the Ohio Train Catastrophe, Residents of Cranberry Township...

In the Wake of the Ohio Train Catastrophe, Residents of Cranberry Township Plan to Conduct Water Quality Tests.

The KDKA-TV news station reports that an incident occurred in CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP. Local governments up to fifty miles away from the East Palestine, Ohio train crash are doing air and water quality tests to ensure the safety of their inhabitants.

This week, Cranberry Township stated that it would be conducting water quality tests.

According to a statement posted on the township’s website, “The Township’s supply is drawn from the Ohio River upstream of the event, which is about 33 miles distant.”

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The township has assured residents that their water supply is secure and that it will continue to undergo routine monitoring.

To paraphrase one Cranberry Township resident, “We’re only 25 miles away from it, and not that I’m worrying about it, but it does raise a red flag for concern,” said Tom Bell.

On Friday, some locals expressed fear to KDKA-TV that the crash’s emissions would make their way into their area.

‘You don’t know how far it’s gone,’ Dawn Andersson of Cranberry Township warned.

“The threat is heading this way. Exactly how clean the air is is something we can’t be sure of “Debbie Daniluk, a resident of Butler County, stated

Daniluk has asthma, and her parents are worried about her spending time outdoors.

The phrase “I’m a little worried” was uttered by Daniluk. My Dubois-based son advised me to “remain inside the house.”

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Since the train disaster on February 3, the Allegheny County Health Department has been keeping an eye on the air quality, they announced Thursday.

Health and Human Services Said, “Some of the pollutants, such as benzene and vinyl chloride, are picked up by the county’s air quality sensors. Any emissions would likely disperse before reaching the county line, which is more than 25 miles from East Palestine, but this area will still be monitored.”

Nothing has changed in terms of air quality, according to the health agency.

Executive Director of the Butler County Emergency Management Agency Steve Bicehouse has stated that the county is unable to conduct its own air, water, or soil testing but is instead keeping an eye on EPA findings.

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“We have been paying great attention to the findings provided by the EPA and state DEP. No organization has expressed concern for Butler County’s citizens in any official communication. Also, no reports of harm to individuals have been received.

The County lacks the resources to conduct air, water, or soil testing. At the first sign of trouble, we will alert the proper authorities to launch an investigation “Bicehouse said KDKA in an interview.

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