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If You Dare, These Are Seven Haunted Locations in Oregon That You Should Visit

Do you have an interest in the supernatural?

Do you find great excitement in discovering new locations with murky histories? If so, then you’ll like Oregon, a place steeped in legends of ghostly sightings and haunted buildings.

There are several spots in Oregon where you can enjoy the excitement of exploring the unknown, from old hospitals to haunted lighthouses. Seven of Oregon’s most haunted locations are discussed here. If you’re game, keep reading!

Portland Subway, Shanghai Tunnels

Portland’s historic Chinatown is home to a complex system of tunnels known as the Shanghai Tunnels. Sailors were frequently “shanghaied,” or kidnapped, and forced to labor on ships in the 19th century.

The sailors were lured into bars and taverns and then taken via tunnels to the docks. The caverns are rumored to be haunted by the sailors who died there. Strange noises, chilly spots, and apparitions have all been felt by visitors.

Inspiring Health Care in Salem, Oregon

The Oregon State Hospital has a somber and tragic past as the Oregon State Lunatic Asylum. It first welcomed its first mentally ill residents in 1883 and was widely criticized for its brutal treatment of those in its care.

In the 1970s, journalist Geraldo Rivera brought national attention to the hospital by revealing its appalling circumstances. Former patients are claimed to still haunt the facility today.

Guests have reported seeing apparitions and hearing voices and footfalls. Learn more about the eerie history of Oregon State Hospital by reading these chilling tales.

Hotel at Wolf Creek, Wolf Creek

The Wolf Creek Inn dates back to 1883, making it a significant landmark in the area. There have been reports of a ghostly former owner roaming the halls.

Several visitors have reported being startled by unexplained noises, chilling areas, and spectral figures. Several ghost-hunting documentaries, notably Ghost Adventures, have visited the inn.

Troutdale Location of the Mcmenamins Edgefield

Formerly the location of a poor farm and then a nursing home, the structure now known as McMenamins Edgefield is a hotel and entertainment complex.

There have been reports of ghostly apparitions, including a nurse who appears to check on patients. Visitors have felt chilly areas, seen eerie figures, and heard unexplainable noises.

Florence’s Heceta Head Lighthouse

It was in 1894 that construction began on the famous Heceta Head Lighthouse. The lighthouse is said to be haunted by the widow of a past keeper who tragically passed away there. The lighthouse’s chill has been attributed to her spirit, and some visitors have even seen her apparition.

Lafayette Lafayette’s Pioneer Burial Ground

Several of Oregon’s pioneers are buried in the Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery. The ghosts of its former tenants, including a small girl who died of diphtheria, are supposed to still haunt the place. Those who have visited the cemetery have reported feeling chilly and seeing her spirit.

Astoria, Shanghai’s Subway System

Sailors were forced to utilize the Shanghai Tunnels in Astoria, much like the ones in Portland. The caverns are rumored to be haunted by the sailors who died there. Strange noises and a chilling atmosphere have been reported by visitors to the tunnels.

There are many spooky locations in Oregon just waiting to be discovered. No of your stance on the supernatural, you’ll find these spots to be both fascinating and terrifying. Why not organize a trip to one of Oregon’s haunted locations if you’re feeling brave?


Oregon’s Haunted Places was released on on September 28, 2016. The website compiled this list using data from a wide variety of government agencies, such as the FBI, CDC, and Census Bureau.

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