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HomenewsPennsylvania's Most Haunted Location is This Deserted Hospital

Pennsylvania’s Most Haunted Location is This Deserted Hospital

The state of Pennsylvania is home to a number of deserted towns and structures, but the abandoned hospital located on the outskirts of Pittsburgh is easily the most eerie of all of them. Continue reading if you want to find out more.

At Brownsville, Pennsylvania, a little under an hour’s drive from downtown Pittsburgh, you’ll find the abandoned Brownsville General Hospital.

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The construction of the hospital began in 1910, and despite the fact that the building was still being constructed at the time, the facility started taking patients in July of 1914. It didn’t take long before the conditions became extremely congested and uncomfortable.

Throughout time, the hospital grew to incorporate both a surgical unit and a nurse’s home into its facilities. The building was expanded in the 1940s to include a third level.

In 1965, a new hospital was constructed in the surrounding area, and Brownsville was redeveloped into a nursing home that was given the name Golden Age. By the 1980s, several accounts of mistreatment and lack of supervision by adults came to light.

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The plant was ordered to close in 1985 after the federal government conducted an investigation there, which took place on the premises. Since then, it has served mostly as a deserted sitting area.

The old Brownsville Hospital serves as a disturbing reminder of the terrible negligence that went place behind those doors for decades, as it is currently falling apart and is covered with plants that have grown too large for their space.

Brownsville has developed into something of a tourist destination over the course of the better part of the past four decades, particularly for people who are interested in early 20th-century architecture, ghost hunting, and urban exploration.

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Some of the people living in the area and the historians are going to be disappointed when they hear that the long-standing building will eventually be torn down in the year 2021.

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