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“I Thought Someone Was Killing a Woman:” During an Attack in a Nj Neighbourhood, Neighbours Step in to Help.

Police have arrested a man from Gloucester County after they say he attacked and tried to strangle a woman who was walking down a street in Westville, New Jersey.

Thursday night at 8:30 p.m., Nicole Rimel was at home on Cedar Avenue when she heard screaming.

“I ran to my door when I heard something outside.
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The man was chasing her down this street, where she was running “said Rimel.
Rimel said that the woman was trying to get help by knocking on a door, so she called 911.

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Police say the man came up behind the woman, grabbed her, and tried to strangle her. Police say they don’t think the man and woman knew each other.

“We all thought, “What is that?” I thought a woman was being killed outside my house because of the screams, “said Rimel.

When Rimel’s husband and a few other neighbors went outside, a fight broke out.
Sheri Hogan is a neighbor. She said she tried to help, but the man hit her in the head.

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“I asked him in a nice, calm way. I asked, “What’s wrong, honey?” And he hit me upside the head. On top of my head, flat.”

In the end, the suspect ran away.
Andre Graig, 43, of Westville, was charged with aggravated assault, criminal restraint, and false imprisonment. Police say they got there within minutes and arrested him.

He is being kept in jail in Salem County.
Deputy Chief Mike Packer said, “I mean, the neighbors did a great job and may have saved her life.”

Even though neighbors were glad to hear that someone had been arrested, the situation is still scary.

“It’s good to hear that they found the person. I just feel bad for the woman who was hurt “Crystal McCullough, who lives around the corner, said.

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Police say that the woman is physically fine, and they are still looking for surveillance video from the area and doing more research.

The police want anyone who has ever met Graig to get in touch with them.
Action News was not able to find any information about Graig’s lawyer.


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