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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
HomeTechnologyHow To Screenshot On An HP Laptop? A Complete Guide!

How To Screenshot On An HP Laptop? A Complete Guide!

A well-known manufacturer of laptops and other computing hardware is HP. HP laptops are renowned for their robustness, functionality, and abundance of features. It’s quite helpful to know how to screenshot on an HP laptop or desktop.

In order to help you understand how to take a screenshot on an HP laptop, this page offers 6 simple methods, including the use of rapid keyboard shortcuts, in-built tools, and a reputable third-party screenshot program.

How To Screenshot On An HP Laptop

You may use the keyboard shortcuts to quickly take screenshots on an HP laptop or desktop without having to download any software. Here are 3 ways to take a screenshot of the entire screen, a selected area of the screen, or an open window. The majority of techniques demand that you paste and save the screenshot within an image editor.

1. Use the Keyboard to Take a Screenshot on Windows

The keyboard can be used in a number of different ways to snap screenshots. The majority of techniques call you to paste and save the screen grab in your preferred picture editor.

2. Save the Screen to the Clipboard

To copy the current screen to the clipboard, press the Prt Sn (Print Screen) button. It is located close to the Insert and Delete buttons in the top row of your keyboard, on the far right. To see and further alter the image, you will then need to put it into an editor like Paint (or a comparable program).

3. Capture the Whole Screen

Press the Windows Key+Prt Sc when the desired screen is active. Your screen will briefly flash. Screenshots are automatically saved to This PC > Photos > Screenshots.

4. Capture Part of the Screen

Press Windows key+Shift+S at the same time. You can grab a portion of the screen by dragging your cursor over it. The clipboard will be saved with the selected section.

5. Capture the Active Window

The active window can be copied to the clipboard by pressing Alt+Prt Sc. There won’t be any evidence that the capture actually took place.

How to Take a Screenshot with The Snipping Tool

For sophisticated screenshot-taking and editing options, use the Windows Snipping Tool.

  • Search for Snipping Tools in the Start Menu, then choose the application to launch it.
  • Choose the type of selection you want to utilize from the Mode option. Select Full-screen to record the complete screen. Additionally, you can select a rectangle area, a single window, or draw a unique shape.
  • To begin your screen capture, select New.
  • The screenshot will be opened in a new window by Snipping Tool, where you can use the tools at the top to annotate and highlight the image before saving it.
  • Select the floppy disk icon to save.

How to Use Snip & Sketch in Windows 10

The Snip & Sketch app is also available for Windows 10. This is how to apply it:

  • Click the Start menu with the window or screen you want to capture open.
  • Use the search bar to look up Snip & Sketch, then pick it from the list of results.
  • At the top of the screen, a menu will show up. To take a screenshot of the entire image, which resembles a rectangle with marks in each corner, choose option four.
  • Regardless of how you capture the screen, Windows will add it to the clipboard and save the folder and display a notification. To access a customizing window, click the notification (which also includes a thumbnail of the screen you just captured).
  • Using the tools at the top of the window, you may crop, mark up, and highlight the image.
  • Click the Save icon to save the screenshot.
  • Select Save after deciding on a file name, file type, and location for your saved screenshot in the next box.
Sheela Sharma
Sheela Sharma
Sheela is a tech-savvy content writer with a passion for exploring the latest advancements in the industry. she has honed her skills in creating engaging and informative content that simplifies complex technical concepts for readers. Sheela's writing is always engaging and informative. When she isn't writing she likes to watch tv series and listen to podcasts.


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