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How to Delete Contacts from Your iPhone, Individually or In Groups!

It’s not easy to delete numerous contacts at once on an iPhone. Due to the lack of a bulk-delete function, clearing out your iPhone’s Contacts can be a tedious process. To erase numerous contacts at once from your iPhone, it’s best to use a computer. Follow along as we demonstrate how to remove contacts from your iOS device, Mac, or PC.

This article details the processes for erasing a single contact from the iPhone’s Contacts app and for erasing many contacts simultaneously over iCloud. If you delete a contact from your computer or your phone and have both devices synced to the same Apple ID, the change will reflect on both devices.

The iCloud Method for Deleting Multiple iPhone Contacts

how to delete contacts on iphone

It’s easy to delete a single contact or two from an iPhone, but if you want to erase many contacts at once, you’ll need to turn to iCloud. Of course, this is predicated on the assumption that you keep your address book updated via iCloud. If you don’t want to use a third-party app, you can delete them individually from your iPhone. Learn how to remove many iPhone contacts at once with iCloud.

  • Launch your preferred web browser, then enter your Apple ID and password for your iCloud account. Your iPhone’s Apple ID is required.
  • Click on Contacts.
  • To delete many contacts at once, select them one by one and then hold down the Command (or Control, if you’re using iCloud for Windows) key for a few seconds. When you click on one of these options, it will be highlighted in blue.
  • Simply tap the contact you wish to delete to select it.
  • Find the settings cog in the menu’s bottom left corner.
  • Select Delete from the menu that appears.
  • In the confirmation window that opens, tap Delete.

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An App that Allows You to Mass Delete iPhone Contacts

how to delete contacts on iphone

Deleting many emails at once is trickier if you haven’t connected your iPhone with iCloud. Even while you can do everything one by one on the iPhone, you might find that using an app is more convenient. Options for erasing numerous contacts at once are available.

An app to remove contacts called Delete Contacts+ is available for free with optional in-app purchases. The App Store has it, so get it now! The program itself is free, but additional features can be purchased for a small fee. Find it in the App Store and get it now! Instructions for Deleting a Single Contact from Your iPhone

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If you only want to remove one contact from your iPhone, it can be done on the device itself. How? Read on!

how to delete contacts on iphone

  • Select the Phone menu item to launch it.
  • Click the People button (located at the bottom of the screen) to access your phone’s address book.
  • Locate the person whose information you wish to remove. This may be done by either viewing your contacts or performing a search in the top bar.
  • To remove a contact, just tap on their name.
  • Select Edit on the contact’s screen.
  • Select Delete Contact at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap Cancel if you decide you no longer wish to delete the contact. If you’re sure you want to delete this contact, hit Delete Contact.

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