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What Is Limetorrents: How To Use It, and Is It Safe to Do So?

Have you recently been plagued by pop-ups that force you to visit a website named Limetorrent.info? If this describes you, then you have probably been infected by the infamous Limetorrent.info adware.

An exceptionally aggressive browser hijacker, Limetorrent.info will not only bombard you with unwanted alerts and pop-ups but will also divert your entire web browsing session to dubious domains, the most prevalent of which is the Limetorrent.info file-sharing website. Infected PCs may display advertisements and pop-ups that, if clicked, could compromise your device’s security.

Sites like Google and Yahoo have blocked the Limetorrent.info domain because of its spamming practices. Because of this, the torrent site’s creators have launched numerous offshoots, such as Limetorrents.io, and Limetorrents. Asia, and Limetorrents. zone. Therefore, the adware will most likely cause you to be redirected to these other sites.

How to UseĀ  Limetorrent.Info Be Utilized?

The Makers of The Limetorrent.Info Malware Are Only Interested in Making Money. It Achieves This by Pushing Advertisements, Websites, and Search Engines on Its Users in An Intrusive Manner While They Are Using the Internet. The Spyware Also Aims to Advertise Limetorrent.Info, a Rival Service to The More Well-Known the Pirate Bay. However, People Quickly Discover that Their Machines Have Been Infected by All Sorts of Malicious Entities After Downloading from The Limetorrent.Info Site, Which Offers Seemingly Free Movies and Applications.

In a Malware-As-A-Service (maa S) Arrangement, the Limetorrent.Info Adware May Also Deliver Malware Packages on Victim P Cs. if A Cyberattack Succeeds in Infecting a Victim’s Computer(s) and Extracting a Ransom Payment from The Victim, Both the Malware Source and The Intruder Share in The Gains. If You Think the Limetorrent.Info Malware Is on Your Computer, You Should Have It Removed Immediately Because of How Bothersome and Potentially Harmful It Is.

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Limetorrent.Info Guidelines for Disposing of Redirects

Possible Unwanted Programmes (PU Ps) Can Be Simply Removed from Your Computer with The Help of A Robust Anti-Malware Solution Like Outbyte Antivirus. The Anti-Malware Software Will Thoroughly Scan Your System and Eliminate the Annoying Infection. the Malware Has Likely Altered Your DNS Settings, so You’ll Also Need to Do a Network Reset or At Least Activate a Restore Point from Before the Infection Took Possession of Your Device.

Using Safe Mode with Networking Will Help Outbyte Antivirus Detect and Remove the Malware. You Can Follow These Instructions for Windows 7 and Windows 10:

  • To Launch Windows’ Built-In Utility Programme, “run,” Press the Windows Key Plus R.
  • To Access the System Configuration Menu, Press Msconfig Followed by The Enter Key.
  • To Enter Safe Mode, Click the Boot Menu Item. in Addition, Choose Network from The Boot Menu.
  • Start Your Machine up Again.

Launch the Anti-Malware Programme or Obtain It from The Internet and Install It Once the Device Has Rebooted.

When the Antivirus Software Is Done Scanning and Cleaning Your Computer, You Can Restart Normally. However, Before You Do That, You Need to Ensure that Safe Boot and Network Are Not Checked.

The Limetorrent.Info Files Are Most Likely to Be Located in The %temp% and Downloads Folders, Thus It Is Important to Use an Anti-Malware Programme in Addition to A Pc Repair Application to Remove Any Unnecessary Files from These Locations.

Disabling Add-Ons in Your Browser

From What We’ve Seen, Malicious Software Like the Limetorrent.Info Adware Can Take Various Shapes on A Computer. They May Show up As Add-Ons for Your Web Browser or In Your List of Installed Programmes. in Order to Eradicate Them, It Is Necessary to Go the Extra Mile and Seek Them out In All Possible Hiding Places.

How to Disable an Add-On in Google Chrome


If You Want to Get Rid of An Add-On from Google Chrome, You Can Do So By Following These Steps:

  • Chrome Users, to Access the Menu, Click the Three Dots in The Browser’s Upper Right Corner.
  • For More Options, Select Tools > Extensions.
  • Adfocus, Clix Sense, and Trafmag Are a Few Dubious Add-Ons that You Should Delete.
  • Browser by Mozilla
  • Initiate Firefox.
  • Click the Menu Button in The Upper Right Corner of Your Browser. Follow the Add-Ons Link.
  • To Uninstall an Add-On, Locate It Using the Menu Bar’s Search Function, Then Select It by Clicking the Three Dots. Away We Go!
  • Mini Opera
  • Launch Opera by Clicking on The Browser’s Icon in The Top Left Corner. Select Add-Ons > Add-Ons and Expand It.
  • To Uninstall an Add-On, Locate It and Then Select the “x” Button that Appears in The Top Right Corner.
  • Safari
  • To Use Safari, Launch It.
  • Simply Select Safari > Preferences.
  • Once You Have Located the Extension You Wish to Uninstall, Click the Uninstall Button to Get Rid of It.

Windows System Restore

Is It Necessary to Utilise a Windows Recovery Option if The Aforementioned Steps to Delete Limetorrent.Info Pup Have Already Been Implemented? While This Is Unlikely, It Is Useful if You Need Absolute Assurance that The Infection Is Destroyed.

Backing up Your Data

System Restore Is the Windows Recovery Tool that We Suggest Using in This Situation. Restoring Your Computer to A Previous Working Condition Is Exactly What the Name Implies.

The Following Instructions Apply to Devices Running Windows 10 or Windows 11.

  • Type “Control Panel” Into Windows’s Search Bar.
  • In the Search Bar in The Settings Menu, Enter “recovery.”
  • Select System Restore from The Recovery Menu.
  • To Continue with The System File and Configuration Restoration, Select Next in The Restore System Files and Settings Dialogue Box.
  • Select a Previous Save Point from The List that Appears.
  • Pick Search for Affected Software. Check that The Programme You Wish to Uninstall Is Included in The List of Those that Will Be Affected.
  • Choose Exit, Next, and End to Complete.
  • Keep in Mind that If You Don’t Already Have a Restore Point Set up On Your Computer, the System Restore Feature Won’t Help You.

Stopping Limetorrent.Info Threats of Future Infections

If You’ve Already Disabled Alerts from Limetorrent.Info from Appearing Each Time You Launch Your Browser, You May Be Wondering How To Prevent Them from Appearing at All. It Is Imperative That You Refrain from Downloading Software from Torrent Sites Since There Is Usually a Hidden Cost. Second, Make Regular Scans of Your System with A Reputable Anti-Malware Programme. Last but Not Least, Avoid Leaving Unnecessary Files on Your Device, as They Are Often Used as A Springboard for Infection.

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How Secure Are Lime Torrents?

Using Lime Torrents Won’t Get You Into Any Trouble. to Find the Torrent Files You’re Looking For, Use Lime Torrents’ Search Bar, or Peruse the Available Categories for Ideas. After Choosing the File, You May Start the Download Process. It’s Easy to Find What You’re Looking For, and There Aren’t Any Annoying Commercials or Pop-Ups to Go Through.

However, the Authenticity of The Content You Download Cannot Be Guaranteed. the Website Does Not Host Any of The Content It Links To; It Merely Gives Access to It.

Lime Torrents, Like Other Torrent Sites, Has No Material Available on Its Servers and Instead Relies on The Peer-To-Peer Bit Torrent Protocol to Share Files Between Users.

You Can Search All Torrents or Narrow Your Results to A Certain Genre with The Help of The Efficient Search Engine. Lime Torrents, for Instance, Offers Video Content Including Shows, Movies, Music, Games, Apps, and Anime.


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