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How Did Yoji Harada Die? Miami Ink of Yoji Harada!

Yojiro Harada was a Japanese tattoo artist and musician who came to international attention after starring on the TLC reality show Miami Ink. He was born on August 6, 1972, and passed away on March 27, 2019.

Punk rock band Big Deal, of which he was a part, featured him as a member. Yoji and fellow tattoo artist Darren Brass are responsible for the founding of the infant gear company Ruthless & Toothless.

In addition, he had a small part in the thriller “Suicide Circle,” sometimes known as “Suicide Club,” which was released in 2001. Yoji was a native of the city of Tokyo. At the age of 24, he uprooted his life and began a new one in the United States.

Yoji Harada Biography

Full Name Yoji Harada
Born 6 August 1972
Died 27 March 2019
Age 46
Networth $1 Million

Background of Yoji Harada

Yoji was born in Tokyo, Japan, under the name Yojiro Harada, and he spent his formative years under that name.

The sign of Aries was present at the time of his birth, and both his nationality and his ethnicity are Asian. He was born in Japan. There is no information available at this time regarding his family or his siblings.

Yoji had completed his high school education, but there is no information available regarding his school or any other classes he may have taken.

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Career of Yoji Harada

In 1998, in order to pursue his goal of becoming a professional musician, Yoji uprooted his life and moved to New York City.

When he first arrived in New York City, he became a member of a punk rock band known as Big Deal and remained with them for several years before traveling to Miami, Florida, in order to tattoo Ami James.

While he was making progress with his music in Japan, he aimed to be successful in the United States at the same time.

His inspiration came from hearing The Clash playing on the radio. Yoji disclosed, after learning that his fiancee Bridgette was expecting a child, that he had been employed by Ami for a period of five years prior to submitting an application for a trainee post.

“I found out one night that my girlfriend (who is now my wife) was pregnant,” he remarked. “I was shocked.” I was in desperate need of some major financial assistance, so I approached Ami James with my request to become his apprentice, and he graciously accepted.

Miami Ink of Yoji Harada

While Yoji was still an employee at Love-Hate Tattoos and being mentored by Ami James, the first season of Miami Ink’s television show debuted, propelling him to the status of a celebrity in his home country of Japan.

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Throughout the course of the episode, we saw not only Yoji’s progression from apprentice to certified tattooist but also his marriage to Bridgette and the birth of their daughter Sydney.

The success of the event enabled Yoji to rededicate himself to his life’s work and get back together with his old band, Big Deal. Together with another tattoo artist from Miami Ink named Darren Brass, Yoji established the infant clothes company Ruthless and Toothless.

How Did Yoji Harada Die?

Yoji Harada, who was 46 years old, passed suddenly on March 26, 2019. A fellow tattoo artist by the name of Tommy Montoya revealed the tragic news of his passing on Instagram.

The circumstances surrounding Yoji Harada’s passing are either a mystery or have not been made public.

Personal Life of Yoji Harada

After moving from Japan to Chicago in the 1990s and starting a new life there, Harada tied the knot with Bonnie Minkus.

After getting a divorce from Minkus in 2003, Harada went on to wed Bridgette Harada, who is now the mother of his child. The pair tied the knot in 2005, but they divorced in 2009.

Sydney, Harada’s daughter, was born in the year 2005. In an interview with People Magazine from 2007, Harada stated that she would not allow her future children to get tattoos under any circumstances.

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There are not going to be any tattoos. “There is just no way.” The article states that at the time in question, Harada’s wife was carrying the couple’s second child and was therefore pregnant.


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